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Xeloda and Avastin as maintenance

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Has anyone had Xeloda and Avastin as a maintenance for rectal cancer? I just started taking it but I dont know for how long. So far so good except the constant bathroom issues. 4 Immodium and 1/3 bottle of Keopectate doesn't seem to help much. Not sure what else to do to stop the leakage. Any suggestions?

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That is what they are there for... they have to know what side affects you are having... the good as well as the bad, and then they can adjust your dosages accordingly.

And why don't you know how long your are going to be on the treatment for? That's one of the first things you oncologist should have told you... explained the treatment, why you are getting the kind of chemo you are getting, for how long you will be having it and then what the tentative plan will be after you finish the chemo, with the understanding it all can change depending on how you are doing.

Tomorrow morning...give your oncologist's office a call and let them know about the bathroom issues, how much immodium/Keopectate you are taking and it's not helping and ask them about your treatment and how long are you on it for. I'm surprised that your oncologist has not prescribed something for the bathroom issues... or have you never told him/her you are having them?

Seriously... the communication between patient and doctor is extremely important on this journey to health. For the most part, you should not have any discomfort... and you certainly shouldn't be left wondering what's going on and for how long.

Let us know what he/she tells you!



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However, from my own experience, lomodium - is the next line of defense (I might have spelled it incorrectly). Push your oncologist to get you some relief.

Stay hydrated. and listen to Cheryl's advice, it is excellent.


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Thank you for your help. You are right. I should know how long I'll be on the drugs, but my onc doesn't know for sure either. He says it all depends on how I do and if nothing pops up. I have a CT in March so I'll have a better understanding I think. I was just wondering if anyone else has been on this regimin and for how long they were on it. I have talked to my other onc about the bowel issues but she said to keep taking the immodium. Today it seems like I'm getting used to the drug because I didn't have too many problems. I took some koapectate and that seems to help. I didn't need any immodium today and that is good. We are supposed to eat lots of vegges and fruits but then we have issues. Can't win! Thank you again for your responses. I love this site and I always refer other people I know in the battle to it. Everyone is so knowledgeable and upbeat. Thank you and God bless you all.

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I'm going to be on Xeloda for maintenance. Not Avastin. I have had Avastin before (with Folfox, for 12 cycles). I started out in Sept with Xeloda plus Oxaliplatin (XELOX). The plan was 6 cycles (3 week intervals). I completed 5 -- then my oncologist and I agreed to drop the Oxaliplatin (side effects getting not good -- I'd had it twice before). Now I am on Xeloda alone. The plan is 6 mos but we'll see how it goes -- maybe indefinitely. My history is dx with stage III rectal 6 years ago. I've had 3 recurrences (all in lung; about 18 mos apart; all tx with surgery and follow-up chemo). I'm looking to prolong my interval before another recurrence but who knows maybe I'll get lucky.

I am not having any problems with diarrhea and I am so sorry you are. I cannot offer much advice there. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (and I have a permanent colostomy -- and irrigate). I wish you all the best with managing that.

Let's keep in touch.


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