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Support Groups?

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Hello My friends. A Few of my friends that I have know for quite some time are telling me that I should join a Support Group in my town for People like me that has Lost a loved one.
Has anyone any experience with these kinds of Groups. Everyone on this site has been my Support Group for quite some time while I was caring for my Wife and After she Lost Her Battle. I really don't Know to much about these things. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Is it worth Looking in too? The Hospice Social Worker also said I should consider it. Just wanted some of your thoughts. I really value all of the great advice and support I have recieved from all of my friends on this site.

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We all handle and process grief in different ways. And then some of us are more of a 'people person' than others.
Personally, I would probably never share with 'real people' (so to speak) the way I do here on these boards and in the chat room. In fact, there is no one in my life, even other cancer survivors, who I get so 'real' with as I do my friends here. I did attend a general crisis support group at one time which was made up of women from my church, all of whom were already close friends. I considered it more of a social outlet than a system for support.
But others will testify that 'face to face' support is the best way to go. I think it wouldn't hurt to check into what is available in your area and even give a group or two a try if you feel so inclined. After all, there is no life-time membership required and if you don't 'connect' after a few meetings, no harm done.
God bless.

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Posts: 91
Joined: Nov 2008

I think for now I will just continue here on this site. You are Right, The friends I have made on this site are really all I need to get thru all of this. They have been my strength. I really don't think I am ready To share face to face with anyone, Even at church when people talk about Cathy it is pretty hard for me right now. I feel there is nothing I could ask that someone that is part of this site has not been thru We all have gone thru quite a bit. I truly am glad I found this site to share my Cancer caregiver Journey and really I am not ready for a social life. Home and my Boys are whats important right now. Thanks again for your reply and take care

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Mr_Sad join us in chatroom 2 on Tuesday evenings we are and where caregivers. I would like to talk to ya there. This Tuesday (1-13) I don't know if I will be able to log on because we are at the hospital. We were all looking for ya last week. Please come & join in. LOL

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I did go to a one on one support group at the cancer center we went to. and that was a great comfort for me. When they found out that I had been to the chat room at the CSN they thought it was time for me to go to group support. I went 2 times and realized that was not the place for me. They tend to keep you focused on what has happened in your life and not talk about anything else. I left and never went back. But, I do continue to go to the chat room, the times have gotten less. But I have found that when I need to talk they are always there and listen. Then we go into different dicussions, that is the greatest part. The laughing, crying, just being ourselves in a place where we all have something in common.

Hope you are doing well

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