sleeping problems

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My husband has had an oligodendroglioma for 10 years. He has had 3 surgeries, radiation, 2 gamma knives, and now chemo. At first it was a low grade, but now very aggresive, hence the chemo. He sadly, also has Parkinsons, which is the med he had a reaction to this week. Last nite he slept well, so I am assuming that was the problem. It's been a year plus of chemo(Temador)and he is really getting sick of it, but as long as it is working and MRIs are clear, I think they will want him to take it.


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    Sleeping Problems
    I have GB. First visit to a doctor in years because of severe headaches and increasing nausea. Three days later I had a golfball sized tumor removed. So many weeks after, I began radiation treatments and Temodar.
    Contrary to the fatigue, I have a lot of energy and major problems sleeping. I am sure the doctors have told you to stop caffeine products and avoid sleeping during the day. I have followed this advise but now, as I am not taking a sedative, the two hour sleep nights have returned.
    One thing I do now is to keep busy. Take care of some of the bills and appointments and forms every day so that I don't lay awake worrying. I am excersizng daily and highly recommend this, no matter what the routine. One walk around the block; breathing excersize while sitting, reading... Something, five days a week. And as hokey as this may sound, when I can't sleep I pray. It gives me something to do in the dark besides fret.