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Pancreatic Cancer - I Am A New Member

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I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and would like to hear from others. It is inoperable and I have just finished my first round of treatment. I will be starting my second round. Cancer is contained and has not spread. I have hope and would like to hear from others.

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So sorry you got this beast.... You might research the medicinal mushrooms with AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound). Its used with mainstreen medicine, chemo, ect, in Japan in over 700 hospitals effectively against pc and other cancers.. I don't know why not here.. You can buy a booklet for $1.50 that explains all about it at iherb.com and the formula, impower is available their too Share it with your doc. Search at www.iherb.com for mushrooms with AHCC and you'll bring up the booklet. Keep the faith.. God bless.

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jamie59 -

my husband was diagnosed in March of 2008. His cancer is also inoperable - tumors in the liver, spleen, pelvic, chest lymph nodes, omentum and extending to his right kidney. He is 44. I am assuming you started with gemcetabine? Did they use Tarceva too (oral med). How about Lovenox (for clots)? My husband had this treatment for 4 months. The first 2 months it worked, the second 2 months it didn't. Watch for the jaundice - his came in July (this is how we knew the gencetabine was not working). They put in billiary tubes to drain his liver and he is doing much better. They also switched him to Oxylaplatin, 5FU and Leucovorin. His still takes the Tarceva and Lovenox shots everyday as well. The Oxy worked great until the 22nd week. At that point, they had to take him off because of nerve damage. We are not sure what is next. They have kept him on the remaining meds to see if his CA19-9 rebounds. It is down to 4400 from 32,000.

Since your cancer is contained, hopefully you will have more time. I am sure you have checked the statistics - they are not good. We are hoping to have another year or so together before he fails. I hope you have much more time than that. Best of luck and God's Blessings -


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I am sorry to hear about your news. My mother was diagnosed during the holidays (syptoms started during Thanksgiving). My father is a physician (internist) and told me and my siblings of the poor prognosis of the disease. For this reason, my father has spent many hours reviewing studies, other avenues, etc. My family decided to pursue an alternative treatment. We went to Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Issacs office and my mother has started her treatment. So far she is feeling great - no pain (her cancer is metastatic - is also in her liver.) I have even spoken to a Dr.Gonzalez's patient that survived metastatic colon cancer - after she was given a poor prognosis. I definitely see a positive change in my mom and would encourage you to read up on it. I come from a family of conventional doctors and for my dad to tell me that Dr. Gonzalez's results are the best he has seen - definitely peaked my interest in this.

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Hi. I just signed up and I'm not sure I am in the right place. I haven't been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but its very suspect.
I have been having trouble with my right side under the rib cage, pain (intense at times), nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weak, tired, fevers, chills. My doctor thought it might be inflammed pancreas and put me on antibiotics for a week. No change. He thought perhaps a stone was left in my bile duct after my gall bladder removal and he sent me for a CT Scan. There was a globular mass on my liver but he said all the other organs looked good. Put me on 2000 mg of antibiotic/day and sent me for a hemangiogram. Tests were inconclusive so he did a liver function test-normal; he did some test that he said checked for cancer in the body and it was normal BUT my CA 19.9 was 3700. He contacted a hepatologist at UVA and he thought I had a Biloma on the liver incidental to gall bladder surgery. After he got the results of the blood work he now says, Nope, forget the Biloma. I didn't know anything about CA 19.9 so I looked on the internet and each one I look at says Pancreatic Cancer! One site I found mentioned some other things it could be but that was only one site...of course I wasn't able to look very long...emotions got the best of me.
The hepatologist is sending me to another doctor but I wasn't told what his specialty was and since I was unaware of anything at that time I didn't think much of it.
So...can anyone help me out here? I am a bit nervous and interested in what others may have to say.
Thanks so much.....

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Hi Jo_Mac,

My husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer having a slightly elevated ca19-9 level. Our oncologist told us that there are a number of conditions besides the cancer that can raise that value. He said that once undergoing some kind of treatment and if then we still see it rising, we may be concerned. So don't worry until you discover the true reason for the increased value. Increased bilireubin amoung other factors can also increase this. keep us informed of how you are doing and I will certainly include you in our prayers.

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