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surgery tomorrow

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Well just a note that Brian is having his Prostectomy surgery tomorrow at 11:15am. He will not be in his room till nearly 4pm. That is a long time for me to wait by myself. My stomach will probably be doing a roller coaster ride inside. I will be happy when I see him.

A long time to wait. I hope they have strong floors as I will be pacing them worrying about him. I will did a hole going back and forth. But Brian did say when he wakes he will be calling for me and will not stop till they get me. So I will see him before 4pm.

This day has been nerve racking on us both. Me worrying about him for his mental and physical health. And him going through the surgery. He is so scared and nervous even though he will not admit it. I can tell.

Anyways I will post an update tomorrow or when I get near a computer. I may not post till he gets home.

Thanks for all your help.

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I will pray right now for you and your husband for the outcome you want after the procedure. God bless you both in your fight for health and happiness. Rick

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Best wishes to you and your husband. I hope he is doing well.

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I'm sorry to be tardy in reading your posting. By now the surgery is over and you both have a big hurdle overcome, that of selecting a surgeon and having the surgery behind you.

Big prayers are going up for you both. Please keep us informed on Brian's progress and also how you are doing.



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