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Patrick Swayze

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Just wondering if anyone else watched the interview with Patrick Swayze last night. I think he's very brave and strong. It disappoints me that he's still smoking, but I sort of understand where he's coming from on that (although I've never been a smoker). I found it interesting that he didn't just try to play the perfect cancer patient. He admitted to all the feelings of anger and such, yet still came out fighting the beast. Awesome!


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Seeing this just prompted my response of "Oh no! I forgot to watch the interview- damn!"
Even as late as 8:30 last night I planned on watching it when it came on at 10:00, then proceeded to completely forget about it. I'm going to search online to see if I can find it somewhere there to watch it.
I too, had heard in the promos beforehand that he was still smoking. That was a disappointment to hear, but I guess that tells you just how extremely addictive nicotine is.


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yes, i did watch it.. What a beautiful realtionship he and his wife have. I sure felt for him as it sounds like the cancer is pretty smart and they have pretty much accepted the fact that he is going to die. I always think of that lady in the commercial for CTCA that had pancreatic cancer and was cured from it and is still fine like 10 years later. Someone has to make up that precious few percent that survives, but that is a tough cancer. I work in a hospital and we have had people diagnosed and die in the same weekend..usually from pieces of tumor that break off and cause a bloot clot. I loved too how he admitted he was angry etc..

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No, she just mentioned that smoking can be a cause for pancreatic cancer and asked if he thought it had contributed to his. He admitted it could have,and then Barbara asked him if he still smokes. She was very non-judgemental about it, which was good. And he did say that if he ever got to the point where he's going to live more than "5 minutes," he'd quit in a heartbeat. I think he's accepted that only a miracle will change things for him, and he's going out his way. Stopping smoking would be one more stress, and I imagine it's a relaxing habit for him.


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I thought the interview was really positive. I noticed he said he was on a new chemo in which he couldn't drink cold things I wonder if it OXI. I am a newbie here my husband 41 was dx 12/4 my birthday with stage 3b. He starts chemo next week 12 cycles folfax plus hopeful trial for erbitux. We're scared but trying to remain positive and keep on living we have 3 beautiful children 11,9 and 4 and as Swayze said we not gonna let this BEAST get us yet!!!


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I was wondering, too, is he had some kind of platin. I was on Oxal and as he said, when putting hands in Freezer, fridge, it's like No way you can do that.

I did see the interview and thought it was very interesting as well. Yes,,he and his wife are so cool together. I thought Barbara Walters did a good job, too.

Good luck to your hubby, Pam. I was stage 3 also, and now I am 2 years NED (no evidence of disease). Just had my colonosopy this week. He said I dont' have to have another one for 2 years! Of course I'll still see the oncologist for blood work every 6 months or so.

Just tell your husband (and you) to keep your energy for moving forward!

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Hi, Pam. Sorry about your husband's diagnosis, but glad to meet you. I hope you'll come back o the board often.


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Saw it as well. His onc, Dr Fisher, is the same one I go to for colon cancer. Once Dr Fisher said even in the crazy world of cancer, people ask for their appointments on the same day he has his....go figure. I laughingly told Dr Fisher, hey give me a date when there isn't a wait. I too admired his strength and just feel terrible that anyone has to go through this and wish that resources would be applied to the scientific community on a massive scale to understand and defeat cancer.

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I meant to watch that too! I hear ya on the smoking thing. That's how I feel when anyone I know who has active cancer is still eating sugar or drinking alcohol or eating junk food. It pains me to no end. Smoking is just another aspect of it. We are such an addictive species.

peace, emily

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I read today that Patrick Swayze checked himself into the hospital because of pneumonia. I hope he can recover from that.


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I was a heavy smoker before I was hospitalized on January 2001. My consumption was 24 cigerrettes daily and only on working hours. The day I had problems with my health, I quit the cigarrete immediatly. Now I'm free of smoke for 8 years, sometimes I feel the urge for tasting one cigarrette but I know if I try it again I'll probably have the addiction again.

Now I see people smoke and I feel sorry for them, because they will be causing damage to the health of others and themselves.

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Good for you! I know it must be tough to do!


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Patrick Swayze has been one of my favorites forever (great bootie in Dirty Dancin). Just had to say that.

But, I felt for him with the smoking, as I mentioned before, I quit (obviously) while in the hospital for the 10 days, and then continued on until about Christmas. I had even managed to drink a few glasses of wine and be around others that smoked, thought that it smelled horrible, and believed I wouldn't start again. But once food started tasting horrible I suddenly felt as if I had given up everything, and picked up a smoke. I am not smoking like I did, and right after the Super Bowl party is over, I have 2 packs of patches to quit it again.

I just pray that he gets over the pneumonia...

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I quit smoking about 7 years ago and haven't gone back since. I quit long before I was ever diagnosed with colon cancer. I think the jury is still out whether smoking plays any role in causing colon cancer or not, but prior to quitting I was a 1-2 pack/day gal.

I am one of the lucky ones in that I do not get urges to pick up a ciggie and start smoking it. When I do see people smoking, especially friends (I now only know a couple who still smoke, thank goodness), I really worry for their safety.

There is absolutely no way you would ever get me to start again, or even have a puff for old time's sake because of the colon cancer. The lungs (second to the liver) are the place where colon cancer thrives to spread to. If one smokes, then their lung tissue is already damaged and weakened and it is a haven for colon cancer cells to take root... vs if it was fighting with healthy lung tissue.

I know one of the fears, or at least things that smokers do think about, even if it is in the back of their minds is that smoking can cause lung cancer. But we all think "what we can't see, we won't get" or, when we were younger, that we were invinsible. What I think few people think about is that if you already have a cancer, by smoking you are actually cultivating an area for it to continue, hence spread.

So now, not only do I not smoke and have no desire to start... I go out of my way to avoid being around anyone who is smoking. I don't need to stay away from them for fear I might want to borrow a ciggie... I need to stay away from them so the second hand smoke doesn't get into my lungs and encourage the cancer spread to multiply!



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