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To HollyBerry - Taxol, Avastin and Carboplatin

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I noticed that you are on this regiment (Taxol, Avastin and Carboplatin). Is this something new or a clinical trial? I only ask because my dad is running out of drugs and would like to know if I should ask the oncologist about this combo. Thanks!!


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Dear Jennifer,
I am on a clinical trial, but my situation is probably quite different than your dad's; I was diagnosed as primary mucosal melanoma in anal/rectal region. I had APR with colostomy, but since primary DX, they have tried many combos to treat both cancer and site specific. The Avastin is used in many protocols now, as it is a way to shrink the blood vessels that feed the tumors.So, even though my case may be a bit different, it's definitely worth asking your dad's doc about. I have now had 9 rounds with this trial and no new mets, no new growth. You are in my prayers; keep asking and maybe, like I did, you could check the NCI for any new clinical trials.
Best of luck to you and Dad,

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The reason you have to not get Avastin prior to surgery is that it's known to slow healing. I have had to have it held for a single treatment here and there for dental work; 2 weeks before and a week after. Just another comment, while you are on Avastin, it does slow healing so be extra careful with ANY kind of infection including the common cold and UTIs. I have learned the hard way that if you don't keep on top of them QUICK you can get in trouble QUICK!

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