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How can I lift my brother's spirits during radiation?

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Hello, Unfortunately I am back again after losing my older brother and father to brain cancer and my mother to leukemia. To our disbelief my middle brother has been diagnosed with a malignant( clivus) brain tumor. He is about to begin a 7 week x5 days treatment of radiation with chemo weeks 1,4,and 7. I am looking for any suggestions (commercial,home remedies) of what he can use to make the next seven weeks tolerable. Thanks for your help

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When I was taking my wife to radiation, After every Treatment we went and got a Milk shake and would just sit and talk awile. Find something that he likes to do. Go to a park, watch the birds, people, or anything he might like and do it together. Just being with him will be a great support. You need to keep a close eye on your self. You may want to be screened. The earlier you find Cancer the better your odds at doing something about it. Just being there for your brother will help you both on this tough journey.

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