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First of all, I want to thank this network and all of you for sharing all your stories. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I just joined today and already I'm learning about a lot of things. Here is my cancer story. My dad was diagnosed almost two years ago with Stage IV Colon Cancer at age 76. We were all shocked because he was so careful with what he ate and especially loved vegetables. The problem was he never got a colonoscopy. Right after getting diagnosed, he started getting CHEMO a few months laterthe section of the colon was removed. He was really doing well until about three weeks ago when he started feeling unbalanced when he walked. We thought it was from his cataract surgery. A CAT scan found 10 tumors in his brain. He was immediately placed on radiation therapy with next Wed as his last treatment followed by chemo the next day. Since getting diagnosed with cancer, this is the first time I've seen him really weak and tired all the time. He needs a walker to keep him balanced. He's depressed all the time. He can't sleep and needs to be massaged all the time. He can't eat and drinks a little bit of Ensure. My mom who is 72 and has diabetes is also tired and lacks sleep. They are up throughout the night because dad needs to be massaged.

Last week, we met up with a lady who told us about her story. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 1999. She had part of her stomach removed. She refused to get any chemo. She owes it all to Dr. Michael Broffman from the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, CA. She has been taking Chinese Herbs and cancer free. Upon hearing this, we immediately got my dad's records together and planning on doing a phone consulation with Dr. Broffman on Monday to see what he can do for my dad. My dad is getting desperate now and willing to try anything.

Does anyone have advice on Chinese Herbal Medication and CAM in general? How about acupuncture? I know this is not the cure but just looking at something to make my dad feel better. What should I expect from here on with my dad now that it has spread to his brain? No matter what, I continue to be hopefull and trust in God since this is all in His hands.

Thanks again to all of you. I will continue to read all the discussion board for all kinds of great advice. I will pray for you all.

By the way, I got a colonoscopy a year ago at age 42 and was cleared. I need another one in 5 years.

Godd Bless you all!

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I am very familiar with CAM and TCM since it was how I proceeded after my dx of Stage III sigmoid colon cancer. I was lymph pos but zero mets. I said NO to the chemo and started juicing and found both a Naturopathic doctor and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to whom I went for my "treatments" consisting of acupuncture, herbs, massage, lymphatic drainage, counseling, and supplementary and dietary protocol. I ate a vegan macrobiotic diet along with the juicing of fresh organic veggies. I have remained cancer free for over 7 years and have been declared cured by my local GI doc. My diagnostics and surgery were all done at the Mayo Clinic and I continue to get tested there or locally yearly. My oncologist at the Mayo has been wonderful. I committed to these "treatments" and diet protocol for 6 months as if I were taking chemo and now as maintenance I continue to juice and eat well though I am no longer a vegan.

I tell people I did CHEMA which means juice of the plant.

The protocol that I followed was labor intensive and took a deep commitment and belief. Because I didn't do any chemo to begin with, I feel I didn't go down into an immune system deficit (any more than I had already) that I would have to dig out of.

Max Gerson is the granddaddy of juicing and his protocol is to juice 12/ 8oz glasses per day along with a simple diet and no animal products, no sugars (ensure would be out), no white grains etc.

There are two things you want to focus on: pH balance and enzymes.

Cancer does not live in an alkaline environment. Cancer likes acid as do most diseases. Foods such as sugar, processed foods, meats, dairy, alcohol etc create an acid ash. An acidic environment creates inflammation and inflammation invites diseases. For some it may be Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia or diabetes or, like me, colon cancer. So diet and lifestyle are imperative in healing cancer. To me, dumping cytotoxic chemicals into a body that already has compromised health and is dealing with serious disease is counterintuitive. So I couldn't go that route.

Detoxing my system became the primary focus in the beginning to create an environment that would invite health. So out with the garbage with a good cleaning in order to receive all the healthy things I was putting into my body. For a car to run well and long you need to change the oil not just keep dumping new oil in.....or Biblically you can say not putting new wine in an old wine skin.

As for enzymes, they are what helps to heal diseases, to restore and repair diseased organs; so pumping these into your system via fresh organic raw veggies is key. Juicing is the easiest way for the body to assimilate the quantities of produce needed to restore health.

As for your father, I have no experience with brain mets, but I can vouch for the wonders of acupuncture, a purified diet, massage, and a life focused on health, balance and harmony and not chemicals, diseases, and toxins. The acupuncture was relaxing for me but my doc didn't put a needle in me until she knew what I was dealing with that day so she would know which meridian to work on. She prescribed herbs to me, but aside from a liver cleanser, I have no idea what they were--they were in chinese! :-) It was total body work in a holistic manner rather than just dividing me into diseased body parts. The diet worked with the mind as well as the body for healing and releasing toxic emotions as well as gunk from my system.

Please keep me posted and I wish you all the best. I hope my story helps in some way.

peace, emily the juice chick

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Ok, I don't have much to add to this since I haven't had personal experience with any of the alternative methods (I have only had the traditional medical treatments). But, there is a Naturopathic Doctor here on the North Shore (Vancouver) who is quite well-known and respected. On his website ( http://www.ndaccess.com/EatingAlive/Page.asp?PageID=22 ), he gives various monthly tips/articles and the one for December looks interesting.

Now some people believe 100% in alternative medicines/therapies and others either are hesitant about whether they believe in it or not and others just outright think it's a bunch of nonsense. No matter what your beliefs, I figure this article has something for all of us... it can't hurt and if it does do even a small bit of what it says it will do, then nothing lost by giving it a try :) This week, I'm going on the hunt for these ingredients :)

This Month's Article by Dr. Matsen
December 2008

Healing Remedy Life-Extension Formula by Tateishi Kazu

One of my patients told me about the following article. Since then, I’ve given the information to several of my patients who have had positive results from taking the soup.

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in Taipei, Taiwan.

Healing Remedy Life-Extension Formula
By Tateishi Kazu, M.D.

When cancer strikes a family, what course of action should one take? Dr.Tateishi Kazu’s father and brother both died of cancer. And then he found himself suffering from cancer of the duodenum and spreading. His stomach was removed, but the cancer cells had spread to his lungs. He resolved to fight for his life.

He researched, studied and tested over 1,500 types of herbs and plants. Eventually he discovered the right combination of ingredients and formulated a unique healing vegetable soup and brown rice tea with its own molecular power. The vegetables are rich in green chlorophyll, amino acids, iron, phosphorous, and calcium, all in a natural form.

He based his soup on the principles of Five Elements theory, the harmonizing balance of the forces of yin and yang, acid and alkaline that engenders health as opposed to the imbalance, which leads to disease.

The five elements in our environment are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Because of the balance of the five elements, the earth is able to produce life. Dr. Tateishi Kazu used the essence of the five elements. Each element possesses its own color: green, red, yellow, white and black. These relate to the corresponding internal organs: liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. He used the concept of the five different colors as matched to specific vegetables:

Green: Daikon Radish Leaves

Red: Carrot

Yellow: Burdock Root

White: Daikon Radish

Black: Shitake Mushrooms

What This Remedy May Do:

1. Heal Cancer
2. Restore injured joints and bone structure
3. Slow down the aging process
4. Rejuvenate the skin
5. Heal Cataracts
6. Heal liver disorders
7. Lower high blood pressure
8. Improve heart conditions
9. Reduce brain tumors and other head-injury problems
10.Reduce high white blood cell counts
11.Improve T-cell function

This is a remedy for all age groups. When the soup is ingested, it produces thirty different elements for fighting disease. Within three days, it can stop the growth of cancer cells. Even for some last-stage cancer patients, it can lead to 100% remission. Patients who have subsisted on feeding tubes for nourishment, when given the soup, regain their strength after two days. Over 10,000 late-stage cancer patients have used this remedy and 99% of them are alive and able to return to work.


Vegetable Soup Recipe (2 day’s quantity)

16 ounces white daikon
9 to10 ounces white daikon greens
8 to10 ounces carrot
8 ounces burdock root
3 to 5 fresh Shitake mushrooms (sun-dried). If not sun-dried, expose dried mushrooms to the sun.

Don’t peel anything! Don’t add any seasoning! Only cook in a stainless steel or glass pot.

Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water as the vegetables. When it comes to a boil, reduce the flame and simmer for two hours. Strain and drink. Store the unconsumed soup in a glass container in the refrigerator. Finish it in 2 days.


Brown Rice Tea Recipe

Another remedy that can be used in conjunction with the vegetable soup is brown rice tea. It is a good diuretic for ridding excess water from the body. For diabetics, it can bring the sugar level down by producing more natural insulin in the body. It cleanses the blood and blood vessels. A person with a heart condition drinking both soups in 20 days will be able to regulate their problem by drinking three cups per day. For a regular cancer patient, about two cups.

1 cup of brown rice
16 cups water


Only cook in stainless steel or glass pots. Do not mix with any other ingredients. Don’t be creative.

Roast the rice without oil until dark brown but don’t burn. Boil 8 cups of water and pour roasted rice into water. Turn off flame, cover and let sit five minutes. Strain out rice and reserve liquid.

Boil 8 more cups of water. Put the remaining rice back into the water. Cover, lower flame and simmer five minutes. Strain rice out. Mix the two rice waters together.

The amount one needs depends on the condition. The more serious the condition, the more tea required.


1. Do not drink tea while taking a high protein substance.

2. Don’t drink the vegetable soup and brown rice tea together. Wait at least 15 minutes apart.

3. If you use this remedy regularly you will never be sick.

Some possible reactions:

1. Itchy skin or eczema.

2. If you use medications and/or have eczema, use less because of stronger reaction.

3. People with head injury problems may develop headaches but don’t worry.

4. People with eye problems may get temporary blurred vision or itching around eyes. Eyesight will get better. If you wear prescription glasses, try to reduce the prescription and use glasses less frequently.

5. Lowering of body temperature, but this is normal.

For high blood pressure, drink the two soups alternately but slowly. Blood pressure will come down after one month. Talk to a doctor about reducing medication, but don’t stop medication right away. Use remedy for minimum of one month.

Progress of Healing:

After three days of use, cancer cells stop growing.
After a minimum of one month, normal cells begin to grow back.
Pancreatic Cancer: minimum 1 month
Stomach Cancer: 1 month
Liver Cancer: 1 year
Rheumatism: 1 year
Cataracts: 4 months
Eye Disease: 1-4 months
Insomnia, Sinusitis, Fatigue: 10-20 days
Eczema: 4-7 months
Liver Spots: 3-6 months skin will clear
Hair growth: 6-12 months
Stroke: 6-12 months
Irregular heart beat: 20 days.

If you are on medication, consult with your doctor to adjust your dosage. This remedy works for some people. It may not work for you. It is not intended to replace the traditional treatments.

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Hi Cheryl,

So I wanted to add to your highly informative post (thanks for all the info) in regards to TCM and organs specifically. Emotions are connected to corresponding organs. Lungs are the organ of grief and the large intestine (colon) is connected to the lung (not literally obviously). When we get cancer in the colon we need to really look closely at our grief issues. For me it was the death of my sister at such a young age (among other issues--that one being the biggie predominant). So in TCM it's so important to dig to the ROOT of the problem. Western medicine does not address this. It compartmentalizes disease rather than addressing disease as a holistic imbalance that can create an environment ripe for disease to manifest.

I do not want to imply a blame-the-victim circumstance when one deals with ongoing cancer or recurrence, but rather I would like to impress upon everyone the importance of Mind-Body-Spirit connection for healing/curing cancer. It may not be the cure all, but it also cannot be ignored. TCM deals with disease in this way. I cannot deny that my survival is a result of East meets West in regards to medicine. Eastern healing and Western diagnostics/surgery. A complete and total circle. This is what worked for me, yes, but I believe that anyone can benefit from this approach.

This is why I didn't just juice or just do yoga or just pray or just eat macrobiotically or just have surgery. They all work together for the good (for those who believe). :-)

True story: Five months before I was dx'ed with Stage III colon cancer I sat in my herbalist's office grabbing my belly fat telling her I was tired of carrying around the manifestation of my grief for my sister (NOT knowing that there was a cancerous tumor in the immediate vacinity right below the surface)--I had gained 20 pounds after she died and hadn't lost it after 9 years. I started acupuncture soon after and the pains started....slight at first building to a crescendo of labor-like double over-I'm dying-here pains. Fast forward to a colonoscopy appointment where I see the sucker that's blocking my colon on the screen. The room got quite quiet. We all knew what that meant.

A few months after my dx and I am at my new TCM and she's telling me that the colon is connected to the lung as the organ of grief. Coincidence? I think not.

No prior family history of colon cancer. My sister's cancer was in her small intestine so it was never called colon cancer.

All my emotions were "stuffed" in my gut. I wasn't dealing with it. The cancer got my attention loud and clear. As part of my healing I went through serious detoxing of Mind-counseling--releasing emotions and toxic people in my life; Body-releasing toxins through diet and cleansings; Spirit-releasing toxic religious doctrine and legalistic dogma.

I firmly believe that TCM is the wave of the future for Medicine as more people become believers in the power of a holistic approach to disease.

peace, emily

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Hey Emily,

Let me return the thanks for the info you gave in the above post! Although I am an advocate of western medicine and the leaps and bounds it has made over time, I also believe in alternative medicine too. Where I draw the line or become very leary is when someone advocates one over the other... or even worse, one particular process or procedure. So, I am thrilled to see in writing where you state it's a complete cycle and one has to balance the other. I think it's very dangerous for anyone to only promote one type of medicine, because obviously they all have many things to offer... and it's a matter of finding the balance for everyone individually. And yes, that takes WORK! Just sifting through the information, talking to experts in both circles, trying procedures... it all takes work. But survival takes work and for the patient who refuses to put in work for their survival, they may find their outcomes are not as positive as those that do. Again, your mileage may vary.

I always make a point of trying to not come across as "you MUST do this", whatever "this" is because it may work for some but not for others. Or all our belief systems run the gambit of the rainbow so it is not right for me to tell someone who/what to believe in even if I have some pretty strong beliefs myself. On the other hand , I can't sit still and not say anything, so that's why I try to present information in a "take it or leave it" fashion but know that this is out there ;)

What you said in the above is extremely interesting! It's not the first time I've been told that our past and current emotions have a lot, if not everything to do with our current situation. (IE: someone who tries everything but can't lose weight... it may be an emotional problem and not a physical one, but society is so judgemental and gives the message "Oh, look at that fat person... how disgusting, they should just stop eating so much!" when it might have nothing to do with quantity or volume of food). Western doctors fall into this trap too and will constantly give the message - it's all about calories going in and calories being burned. It's that simple. Well, it is that simple for some people, but not for everyone so that's why it is so dangerous to paint everyone's cure as being the same for any illness or problem.

I look back in my life and think, "Well, what possibly could I be hiding or have stuffed in the background that I'm now paying for? And if I'm honest with myself... there's a whole lot of things ... where do I begin?? But begin, I have... and it will be a process, but I fully believe that I'm on the right track :)

Thanks for putting the juicing/CAM more in perspective, Emily :)



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Hi Cheryl!

When I have gotten into trouble on these boards is when I have failed to present the juicing as just ONE option of many for those seeking alternatives. In my haste I forget to state that just because this worked for me it may not work for others as a cure but it can always improve health. I get skeptical also when someone has a definitive answer that THIS IS THE WAY.

You had brought up such good points on your TCM recipes that I had wanted to share my personal experience (having to do with earth, wind, fire, water--which I didn't delve into on here--too complicated), and the word personal is the key word. We all have different compositions, body types, dispositions that are addressed in TCM and therefore the protocols are adjusted to accommodate that. It's just another reason why I like alternative med so much is it's so much more personalized than one-size-fits all approach.

I think you and I would have a good chat over tea (japanese) some time! :-)

peace, emily

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Emily the juice chick and Cheryl,

Thanks for the quick replies and lots of great info to look into. Dad just got a great massage from a volunteer to deals with lots of cancer patients. I mentioned the juicer and she also thinks it's a great idea. From her experience, the radiation is what's causing my dad's recent weakness. She's thinking two weeks after the end of radiation should bring him back to baseline which his condition during chemo...not as tired and weak like right now. I need to print out both your replies to try out the recipes and check out the web sites. We're on our way out right now to get Vita Mix from Costco. My dad's in Hawaii but I'm in California so I need to do a lot of research to find the best acupuncturist and herbal expert for my dad. We look forward to hear what Dr. Broffman will say tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted for your opinion as well.

I'm spreading the word on this Cancer Survival Network. I see Spongebob is a big hit here. Like him, I'm in the Coast Guard as well. I should look him up when I get back to work.

thanks again ladies and keep up this great work of helping others.

God Bless!

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Not that this article says anything pro or con about CAM... but I just found it interesting about the different results of how CAM is acknowledged between the US and Canada... which may be why one will get the whole gambut of opinions :)




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As an advocate of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I'm always
being made aware of the misconceptions regarding the vast
differences between Eastern and Western medicine.

The TCM philosophy, is that the body can heal itself when it's
operating properly (in balance). Medicinal Herbs are used to
attain that balance. Acupuncture may also be used to with,
or without herbal treatments, to affect a cure.

Once the body is operating the way it should, no further TCM
intervention is needed. A decent diet and a balanced lifestyle,
should keep everything moving at the pace that's best for us.

In western medicine, drugs etc, are used -only- to eradicate a symptom.
Since the -cause- of the symptom is -not- cured, the need to continue
medication is never-ending.

When the actual cause continues and remains hidden too long, other
more serious symptoms may manifest themselves, making any cure
much more difficult.

And of course, every single pharmaceutical is toxic to our system;
they all take a toll on the liver and kidneys, and consequently the
rest of our body follows the decline.

The juicing or using various store bought common herbs to quell symptoms,
is not "Traditional Chinese Medicine". It is healthy to make your own juices,
and eat vegetables, fruits, etc., but man is a carnivorous animal, and needs
the proteins, enzymes, amino acids, nutrients, etc, from meat. Meat, poultry,
fish and fowl, of all kinds, make up a healthy diet, along with fruits and

TCM uses medicinal herbs to energize different organs that have become
stagnated, or stifled. They are not common store-bought variety found at
your local produce shop. Most Asian markets do not carry a supply of
the few hundred varieties of TCM herbs, and it is even less likely that any
common grocer would know what to order, much less know their usage.

TCM had put my wife's RA into total remission that lasted until she was
severely hurt as a passenger in a head-on high-speed collision. Traumatic
events such as that, can cause a relapse, since the body's balance has been
dramatically changed. She is now under TCM treatment to again attempt to
resolve her late-term RA.

I suffered A-Fib for years, and had been told that nothing less than an operation
would cure it. TCM herbal treatments for almost a year, completely cured the
A-Fib. I have not taken herbs, or anything else for AF for the past 3+ years.

From UC, to Alzheimer, and cancer included, TCM works near miracles.

It is difficult to locate an experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
but well worth the time and effort to do so.

And like western medicine's doctors, there are the good and the bad... So just
as you wouldn't assume one bad surgeon is representative of all surgeons, never
feel that a bad example of a TCM doctor is typical of them all.

TCM is an art of a science that is over three thousand years old. It continues
being used in many countries. In China, it is offered with or without the
western medicine counterpart; many hospitals have TCM on one side, and
western medicine on the other.

It's unfortunate that the misconception of TCM philosophy has been
propelled with products that insinuate they are part of TCM; they are not.
They are more aligned with western medicine's philosophy of quelling
symptoms, and getting fast relief.

TCM works. It has worked for a very, very long time.

Good health!





Or just Google "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (for specifics, follow with your ailment).

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I have been reading your post for January and I was wondering if you all did do the treatment and how it went. If you can please post something about the treatment I would sure appreciate it. Thank you

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Hi Kersha,

To whom are you posting your question? If it's for the author of this thread...this person hasn't been back since that I know of.

peace, emily