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We were given instructions for prep. for the PET scan and it includes...

The day/night prior to and morning of the PET, Hop is to do absolutely NOTHING, including reading, any exercise, if he wants or needs something, I'm to do it for him...No chewing of gum.NOTHING...Can someone explain why for us?


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I have had several PETs so far and the reason for the no strenuous exercise is that
it interferes with the blood glucose level and somehow the glucose level affects the test.
I was just told not to do any strenuous exercise the day before and to not eat anything
six hours before the test, then drink 16-24 ounces of water about 90 mins before the test.
Before the test they take the glucose level before administering the radioactive stuff
that makes the scan light up.

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OK, great...that answers our question. THANKS SO MUCH


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Yep... no exercise, which can include a lot of things. I'm guessing that it's easier for the instructions to be "Don't do ANYTHING" rather than list all the things you can or can't do. For instance, I'm sure he can "read" the day/night before, but he will find when he is given the small amount of radioactive glucose through an IV, he will have to be perfectly relaxed and do nothing during the hour before the scan. I thought I could pass that hour away by reading... I mean, what's more relaxing than reading?? But it was explained to me that the process of holding the book and turning the pages is actually exercise for the hands/wrists, and they want the whole body to be still while the radioactive glucose goes through your whole system. Chewing gum can be a good workout for the jaw... same thing. Obviously, if Hop were one to go for a couple miles run the day before, the muscles are going to be very active, hence no exercise the day before.

So, nothing to get worried about... it's all just a matter of having the body as relaxed as possible. The more relaxed, the better the results on the scan... and the less chance of false readings (IE: a part of the body lighting up because that part had been exercised prior to the scan).

One day at a time, and when it's a day when there is a procedure or a preparation for a procedure, then one hour at a time :)



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I was told, in addition to taking it easy the evening before, to avoid eating too many carbs the prior day. One time the day before having a PET scan, I attended a wedding. It was a bummer to just have to sit still and avoid most of the yummy wedding meal foods. It was never impressed upon me any time, however, that I just needed to sit still. It always just sounded like I wasn't supposed to do anything extra strenuous, but regular activities were okay, or so I thought.


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Thank you both, Ladies. Your explanations make it a lot more simple to understand. Hop can just be a man of leisure today, although he'll miss his reading.

Every time an appointment gets closer, I see both of us getting more anxious, which I believe is pretty normal. My heart just breaks for him. Then, I keep remembering "One day at a time" down to "One hour at a time"..........

I do appreciate everyone's input. Keep it coming.

Hugs right back to you,

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I have NEVER been told anything other than no strenuous activity the day before and lots of fluids, to be sure the veins are nice and plump! I am a computer programmer and I certainly spend the day slaying bugs and writing new code, so definitely getting a workout on hands and more! I even brought knitting to do during the relaxation time and nobody said anything to me! You certainly have the ability to get up and go to the bathroom during the time you are letting the radioactivity spread, so you would figure that would cause grief if any activity were to be a problem! My understanding is that you relax so that the radioactivity moves through your body, but not too quickly! I will have to ask them the next time I go in and see what they have to say on the matter! For one thing, I don't think uptake in muscles would be an issue during a scan. Just my thoughts.

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