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Actual Colonoscopy almost here

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Well in just 3 days I will recieve my first colonoscopy. Right up till today I have been some what relieved. Now the fear has begun-For the ladies-My friend decided to visit.Everything I read says they will still do it-wont interfear.I told my husband today I am not sure what I want out of it-For them to find something and finally have a reason for all the pain and changes or to find nothing and still not know what is wrong with me.On top of that to be on my cycle during it. Double whammy.Of course it being a holiday I can not call Doc for answeres to my questions as they are all on holiday time off. And my appointment is at 7 am on monday. I am also hoping My GI doc will have the results of my other test as well. Could be a very blue day for me-But praying for a Dx of somekind so I can at least know what I have to do to get better.

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I know it sucks when it's holiday/weekend hours and you can't get in touch with a doc right then to talk... I was lucky, my surgeon gave me his cell# and asked me to call whenever if I had a question and I did. He called me one night to discuss my questions prior to surgery. And of course, if you have to be referred to an onc, you will have an after hours number to call 24/7. I would try calling the GI's office, I bet they have a number on the recording that you can call off hours to get questions answered, even if it's just a nurse. Or ACS might have a number to call to speak with a nurse with your questions. I actually don't remember if my friend was an issue during colonoscopies, but I always used cigars so I can't imagine it even entering into my mind that it might cause problems. Of course, since my recurrence, I have none of those items left, so that's NEVER going to be an issue again! Only a few more days, and you will have your answers! Plus, the prep will occupy the last day of worrying and waiting! I pray that God will comfort you in the days ahead; you are strong enough and you will do just fine!

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We'll be anxious to hear what you find out.


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My "friend" came to "visit" me the night before I was scheduled to go into surgery for the cancer... I would say that I was mortified... but I was already there as I was still embarrassed about the whole colon cancer thing at the time anyway.

The next morning, I quietly informed the nurses that were admitting me and they acted like it was no big deal. In fact, they took care of me pretty well. It sucked... but such is life. I got through it and so will you.

I'm wishing you the best for your colonoscopy and figuring out what is causing you pain. I pray that it is something minor.


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