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Bad Smell

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My Wife has terminal Lung Cancer and has been coughing more and more each day.
Her cough now smells teribble almost to the point that you will gag. Is this just part of
the Lung Cancer. Is there anything I should do? She is also having a lot of bumps comming up in her neck that are like marbles. Has any one seen this happen. The Hospice Folks are really
good but don't have very many answers for me. I know they do the best they can. Any Help would be greatly appericated.

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Mr Sad, you should be asking a doctor about that, you know,and I'm sure you do.

That said, my hypothesis would be that it is blood, drying up in the mouth. She may not be so attentive to oral hygiene at this time, and that is certainly understandable if I get the picture correctly. Still, a good mouthwash makes one feel a lot better.

Maybe a dry-mouth type of mouthwash would even make her that much more comfortable. Just a thought, not knowing the exact condition of your wife.

Best wishes to her, to you, and to your family.

Take care,


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Posts: 91
Joined: Nov 2008

I don't think its Bad breath. I brush her teeth every day. and use the mouth
swabs. Its just when she coughs it seems to be comming from her lungs. When she
is not coughing it does not smell. She does use listerene. I was just wondering if
the Lung Cancer is causing the bad smell.

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my husband passed in 07 of lung cancer. we never got to the point of bad breath, but his head had an odor, kinda sour. He had bumps on his face, kinda like pimples. But, also by this time he was ready to go to the hospital. We never had or wanted hospice.
I agree with Joe, you need to see her doctor.

Hugs to you and your wife

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