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Juicing during chemo?

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I received a message from someone that juicing should not be done during chemotherapy. Anyone have any comments about this?


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I think it may depend on the chemo drugs you are taking. I know some of them consider raw veggies as possibly carring bacteria. Even yogurt could be bad. Since your resistance will be low, you don't want a chance for bacteria.

Now, you need to check with your Oncologist. I was on Oxaliplatin and that is what was said when I took Oxaliplatin.


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Well, my oncologist didn't (doesn't) want me to change my diet at all. His theory is that if you make changes he won't know what side effect is from chemo and what is from dietary changes. Also, if you are on a blood thinner then the extra vitamin K from juicing certain veggies could be a problem.

I agree with Claudia - I was also cautioned about raw fruits/veggies that you don't peel during chemo as your resistance is low then.

That being said, I think juicing is wonderful and have been researching it more for myself. I anticipate getting a juicer the first of the year if santa doesn't bring me one. Caution is just always advisable when you are getting chemo and I run everything past my oncologist first.


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I think Amy's question was because there are some opinions that during the chemo we should avoid anything what is actually strengthen the immune system since that can reduce the efficiency of the chemo in killing cancerous cells. What do you think about this?
All the best to everybody,

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Steven, you are right as I am most concerned with contradicting the chemo protocol. Someone mentioned it to me offhand and the dr only told me no supplements and didn't say anything about juicing. I figured that it was just vegetables it would be contraindicated. I have been juicing about 8-9 days and now I'm paranoid that I have been messing up my chemo. I was drinking about 20 oz a day.

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I recently joined the group after I found out that my husband's Colon Cancer has advanced from Stage III to IV. He began his 2nd series of Chemo treatment (1st of 12) last Monday.

I had the exact the same question you guys are asking here as I read from somewhere that vegi-juicing during may interfere with the treatment. I heard from one of the members who has been cancer free for 7 years after vegi-juicing. In her case, though, she opted out of chemo treatment.

Come to think of it, I have been giving him fresh juice everyday wile my husband was going through the first series of chemo (12 times) at the first round. I wonder if the recurrence has anything to do with the juicing. It is so confusing, some says having vegi-juicing helps to regenerate the new cells, but what I've read yesterday actually says that juicing may not be the best idea.

I stopped juicing organic green vegetables (I may give him carrot juicing, but may be other green vegi-juicing only 1 or 1/2 cup a day rather than almost 1 1/2 pints that I've been having him drink just to make sure it does not get in the way of chemo treatment.

I anxious to hear more about this from everyone.


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