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3 years today...yeah me!

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For all those diagnosed with stage 4 I want you to know there is always hope! Three years ago today I had my surgery (mets to liver) I had 6 months of chemo and all is well today. I will never be so bold to say that it will not reintroduce itself into my life....but today on this anniversary I am very grateful for every day!!!!!!

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Great news to hear. I see a surgeon on 12/29 for a liver resection and also 6 months of chemo to follow. Hearing news like this makes me be more postive.

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Congratulations and thank you for posting this. I see a liver surgeon on Wednesday and an ablation radiologist next week to see what my options are. It is so encouraging to hear from those on the other side!


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That's such awesome news! I hope you have a MERRY Christmas!


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That make me DANCE and DANCE and DANCE!!!

HUGE hugs to you!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I am currently DX as stage 3, but we will know for sure after I have my surgery in late January. Your note is very encouraging to all of us. I have had a bad weekend, and this lifted my spirits.


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Congrats and wonderful news! Merry Christmas and thanks for the update!

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That is excellent news! 3 years! I know you are enjoying the holidays! May you have many many more years of enjoying life!

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This is such great news. I LOVE hearing this. 3 years NED after Stage 4 is awesome. May this continue forever. Have a Merry Christmas and even better New Year!

Cheers, Lance

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Yea! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing this wonderful posting with us. I love to hear good news like this! Hope you are finding meaningful and fun ways to celebrate.


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