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Any updates from anyone. Last post indicated he scramed the hospice and went home. Would love to know how he's doing, been a long epic for this guy. Dawgs, if you see this Merry Christmas. jj

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You can check his website on the CSN website. Just do a member search and click on this name.

He needs our prayers and good wishes right now. From the website, it sounds like he is still in the hospital, but he may go home.

Mr. Nodawgs, if you this, Merry Christmas.

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If anyone knows anything more than his last entry on the CSN page, please post it here? I'd hate to think that something bad could happen and no one would let us know...

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I am so sorry to report my friend NODAWGS passed away Monday (June 1, 2009) after a 9 year fight with cancer. He had an awesome soul and will be greatly missed by many.

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He had a fighting spirit, that's for sure. He gave great insight into this horrific disease. We will miss him. God Rest His Soul.

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