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Spontantenious CEA drop

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Does anybody ever experienced a spontantenious drop of CEA level while not being on chemo? Or this can only happened as a miracle. I have a recurrent CC in abdomenal limph nodes so far, having chemo on and off. CEA level is going down and up again every time I stop the therapy.

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I'm not sure I understand your question, Steven... so my answer might not be answering it properly.

CEA levels differ with everyone and some people's CEA doesn't even react to Chemo or to not being on chemo. Some people can have active cancer in their body but their CEA doesn't change. Others, when there is active cancer, the CEA level will rise slightly.

Now you were saying your CEA level is going down and up again every time you stop the therapy. I'm assuming by therapy, you mean chemotherapy? If you have cancer in your abdomen and it impacts your CEA, then yes.. it would make total sense that while you are on Chemo your CEA would go down, but as soon as you come off chemo, the CEA levels rise.

If there is cancer in your system, then I don't think it would be normal for your CEA to just up and drop while not being on any kind of treatment.

Not sure if this answers your question or not.



Posts: 52
Joined: Dec 2008

Thank you very much Cheryl to your response. I thought to get response from people who's being considered positive for CEA level as I am. Let me explain. My CEA leve was high before my surgery and went down to normal after the surgery so my onco considered that the CEA level reliable enough, in my case, to assume about the presence/absence of the desease. My question was simple because maybe somebody found ( even not knowing that ) a way, without a chemotherapy to reduce the CEA level. Best regards, Steven.

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