- Anyone had lumps and bumps on road through remission?

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Hey all you great people who read and respond to this board..... You all help put my mind at ease and it brings me great comfort reading your stories.
So here's my quickie background and update. I am stage III cc dx Feb 07. I had surg and 12 rounds of crappy chemo. I have finished chemo October of 07. So while in my first year of "remission" a CT showed two tiny lumps, one liver one lung. A PET was done and it ruled out the liver not the lung. So we watched the lung and three months later it does appear to be a smidge bigger, as the PET done this week showed. So my onc said we will do a biopsy and a lazer zapping all in one procedure. He was glad to say although this was a little bigger - it was encouraging that there are no more. Strange way to process I guess... "your crappy news could have been not just crappy but really bad, and it wasn't so yeah!". I am not popping champagne over this. But here's what I want to know - have any of you had cancer lumps here and there - removed them here and there , and that was that??? My doc said he would do a few of these but if they "kept popping up" we would have to talk about more chemo. I am not even thinking about that yet. I am thinking about a lung biopsy and that fact that because it is such a tiny lump, there is a great chance of lung collapse. But all that being said, I really want to hear if any of you have had lumps and bumps along the road to remission???