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Minor question

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Hi all,

As you know I had the CT Scan yesterday. Drank the contrast and also got injected with contrast. Feeling kinda crummy today, sort of flu like nausea. Anybody else have this reaction.

Cheers, Lance

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Good Morning, Lance,

I had my CT on Monday and was told to drink larger amounts of fluid than usual. I think the idea is to flush all of that "yummy" contrast out of our system. Maybe that's the culprit.

I hope you feel better soon. Also, worrying about the results isn't condusive to a settled stomach. Please, think about calling the oncologist's office. Two weeks is too long to wait!

Sending you my best.



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Water, water, and lots of it. And call your onc for the results, it will settle your mind, which will settle your stomach.

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I even made the 'mistake' of putting that on my last CT intake form...and almost messed it up, even after drinking the redi-cat. The tech wanted me to have pre-meds (which I didn't).

Luckily, we chatted about what the symptoms were, and how long she had been scanning me (she had seen me many times before). So, we scribbled off the comment I had made.

But I agree with the water...if I don't, I'm feeling flu-ish the next day...

Isn't it wierd to have a reaction that is considered 'normal', even in it's 'abnormal' situation (cancer treatment)?

Hugs, Kathi

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