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To all who have Oxaliplatin as part of your chemotherapy.

I am looking for suggestions as to how better to administer. I currently get this drug every 3-weeks via IV. During the infusion, the arm where the IV is begins to get an intense prickly/tingly feeling and some stiffness and soreness. The Oncology nurse has tried hot packs during infusion without success.

Any ideas will be helpful.



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I had a port put in, which was a godsend... Carl

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A port is the way to go.


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Simple out patient surgery...takes about 30-45 minutes and 1 hour in recovery and its over...

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I also had a port put in. I tried the 1st infusion by IV into arm. Ouch!! Really very uncomfortable -- and lasted several days. So, I am very sympathetic. Hot packs are a good idea. Another idea would be to slow down the infusion. But I suggest you strongly consider a port.

Best wishes,


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I agree a port is the only way to go and if it works well ....they can do all your blood work from the port verses being stuck all the time! Praying for you!

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Port is the way to go.


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just in case you still are debating, I'll say that my husband went through Folfox and had the port put in --it was no problem and when he finished treatment, 1 month later, out it came!
it really is the way to go. I wish you well in your treatment.

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I am assuming you have colon cancer. With oxaliplatin you usually get 5FU, via infusion for 46 hours, which is done through the port. I don't know what your treatment is, but the port, which is outpatient surgery, makes the oxaliplatin and, I am assuming, leucovorin, and 5FU or whatever, quite easy.

I am 16 months out of treatment and would not want to think about 8 or 12 rounds of oxaliplatin in my veins.

What is your treatment?


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I have had no blood work done through the port at all . All my cbc, cmp, etc are done by thumb prick or blood draw out of the arm vein. The for some reason don't use the port.

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Go for the Port... as said, fairly easy surgery and recovery. After a week in the hospital having "stuff" run through my IV's, my hands were black and blue. I wouldn't even think of doing chemo through IV.

My oncologist's office wouldn't use the port for blood work either. The only explanation they gave me was that "IF" my blood counts were low (which they wouldn't know until they got the test results back) they would be needlessly exposing me to a possible infection by accessing the port and breaking the skin. Why this was a bigger risk than pricking my arm... I'm not sure. I didn't really care either way... a poke was a poke at that point lol.

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The port accesses your vena cava...one of your major blood highways!

In the arm, the 'infection' can be localized and easier to treat.

I had my port thru both cancers. Almost 3 years. The only time it was used for anything other than chemo was for TPN in the hospital when I had my total bowel obstruction. And, even then, they were very hesitant to use it....

Hugs, Kathi

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And definitely the way to go! And my blood work is done through the port, mainly because I insist! I think way back when they tried to access a vein and I'm like um, what are you doing? I have a port, can't you use that? Since they are very accommodating, they have never tried getting tubes of blood any other way. They do the finger stick when only doing small blood sample tests. Besides, after all the chemo I've had, good luck to anybody trying to access a vein! They have to send the really good phlebotomists in if they have to start an IV, like for PET and colonoscopies!

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Hi Mike,

I have the port and it is so easy. Ask. They do not currently do my weekly blood work, etc through the port, but I have a good arm vein for that so it's not a problem. I have the 24/7 5FU so the port was necessary, but when I have my next round, the cocktail after surgery, I am glad the port will already be there.

Hang in there....Vicki

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Off you go. Get a port. It's the only way to go....

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