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Questions concerning scheduling after completion of treatment

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Hello everyone. Haven't been here for awhile. Stage 3 colon cancer, 1 positive node aout of 18. Just completed my 12 rounds of Oxal. 5fu and Leucovorin. Will have a CT scan with bloodwork on Jan. 8th and also see my onc for first follow-up. He then said that I will continue that same routine every six months thereafter for the next five years. Is that a pretty standard schedule? I've heard of some people being seen every 3 months.

Thanks, Valere

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Hi there,

It seems that there is a slightly different follow up protocol depending on where one lives. I am in Canada and I was stage 3, 2 nodes involvement, and got bloodwork every three months with an ultrasound followup shortly after finishing chemo and then another a year later. I am about to have a CT scan and bloodwork and hopefully if all is clear I will then start going every 6 months for check ups. In the USA it seems that a lot of folks get way more CT scans as follow up. Is that just my imagination.


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I agree, it seems to be individually based....in my caes with recurrence to liver from
Stage 2 colon diagnosed in 2004, I will be scanned every two to three months for the next
two years (am not concentrating on side effects of so many scans since this is priority).
When I was still Stage 2, I got scanned every six months.

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I was stage 3 w/2 nodes. I saw the Doc every 3 months (only did that 2 times) then I talked him into every 6 months (which I have my 6 month check up this week). I was doing so well that he said that would be fine. This will be 1 year since chemo stopped. Will find out how often it will be after Friday. I don't get any scans just blood work. I have gotten a colonoscopy for the last 2 years at my request.

Again, I'll find out (if it's okay) if I should wait a little longer for the next one.

Congrats on finishing up with Chemo.

Life is good


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