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5 year mark for surgery

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Hi all,
Today is the 5th anniversary of my hemicolectomy; stage 3, 1 node, age 53, followed by 6 months of chemo with 5FU and leuco. I have been No Evidence of Disease since completion of treatment. (This week I will drop off a big Thank You card at my surgeon's office, as Trainer suggested!)
Looking back, the time has both passed very quickly and yet it seems like each milestone would never come. I was so frightened at first, but also determined to see this through one day at a time. Friends and family were my pillars of support, and this site was one very important pillar for me.
For you newbies, hang in there. Each day, each treatment, and each day after completion of treatment brings you one step closer to getting through. My chemo seemed much harder to take than expected; complications with electrolytes and port/clots were discouraging, and I felt sure the fatigue would NEVER lift.
Fast forward 5 years, and I feel oddly grateful for the perspective cancer has provided; I still work to appreciate each day, but I KNOW that I am changed for the better. My kids and hubby seem more precious than ever; the job that let me go on my last day of chemo has been replaced with one that I love, and my health is good.
To all my friends here, past, present, and those who lost the battle, I will remain grateful for all your support, information, kindness, and quite a few laughs.
My best to you all, Judy

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Congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark. Way to go! That's a big deal, and I hope you had a grand celebration.


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You have reached that coveted 5-year mark!!!!

Thanks for checking in...when I don't see folks that I used to, I get nervous...

Hugs, Kathi

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Congratulations on making that 5 year mark! I know it must be a great feeling & I appreciate you sharing it with all of us. I know it gives me hope!


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Thank you for putting that 5-year milestone out there for all of us! Congratulations and may you forever be NED!!!


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How great that is for you!

I'm working my way there, too. I've got 2 years down.

Yes...life is good.

Take Care

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5 years is indeed a fantastic milestone! Enjoy and I hope you continue to enjoy life's many pleasures.

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Hi Judy,

Congratulations on your victory! Your post will give inspiration and hope to so many just beginning their journey. We celebrate your wellness with you.



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God has sent down another miracle.........God Bless you and Him

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Thanks for posting! I'm one year behind you! Great attitude about the job. I need to "move on" in that regard too.
Take care and thanks for replying to my other post,
Susan H.

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Welcome to the 5 year club. I am so happy for you. I hope that you go out and celebrate. You deserve it.


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