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'tis the season

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Three bar buddies, Jim, Joe and James die and go to heaven. All three meet St. Peter at the pearly gates and he says to them, "Well, being that this is the holiday season, before I let you in, you must show me something that reminds you of the holiday spirit."

Jim pulls out his lighter from his pocket and says, "St. Peter, this symbolizes the advent candle we light each year for anticipation and hope."

Saint Peter smiles with approval and quickly opens the gates to let Jim inside.

Joe pulls out his keys and shakes them and says, "St. Peter, this reminds me of jingle bells and the joy you see on childrens' faces on christmas morning."

Saint Peter shrugs his shoulders and says, "Ok that is acceptable." Joe proceeds to go trough the gates.

James reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of women's panties and shows them to St. Peter.

Saint Peter gives him a very confused look and says, "Now, James, please explain...I'm confused, how does this remind you of the holiday spirit???"

James says, "Ummm...these are Carol's."

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My beau and I....

How about a bra? Chestnuts, you know....

Hugs, Kathi

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Nice to have you back in good form.

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I think the holiday season can be hard under the best of circumstances.

Nothing better than a good sense of humor,

Thank you,


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