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Well I have made it to #7 of my Folfox treatments; this one was a little harder with more
fatigue and some mouth sores which I am viciously treating. I have a CT scan tomorrow and
a PET scan next week; keep me in your thoughts and prayers that they will have good outcomes.
I am hoping my onc. is willing to let me just have one more treatment and then take a rest;
I will have had 12 so far; four before surgery and eight afterwards but if she thinks I need
four more, guess I will survive.

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Congrats on making it thus far! Sorry you are having a hard time, hoping it gets better real soon! I am sure the scans will show good results, which will energize you going into the next treatments! You are strong and have done so well! Prayers for strength and healing!

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I'm pulling for you, my dear!!! Here's to clean scans!!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I am wishing and praying for the best possible results for your CT tomorrow and your PET scan next week. I hope the mouth sores resolve quickly and completely.



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Congratulations on making it this far! Good luck with the rest of treatment.


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