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Xelodamm Dose

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Hi, I was wondering how much Xeloda others are taking. MD statred me on 1500mg twice a day,every other week to start. Anyone know their dose and how often do you take it...just wondering. Also how long before the side effects occurred? Thanks in advance!

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Guess I didn't preview that heading...it was supposed to read "Xeloda and Dose":)

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I am on the same dose as you. My understanding is that it depends (at least partly) on body weight.

I'm in the middle of my fourth cycle (I'm on Xelox -- I have a 2hr infusion of oxaliplatin then 14 days of xelox pills, then one week off ie 3 week cycle). So far side effects of the xeloda not too bad (I've had oxaliplatin before, so I'm able to kind of figure out which side effects are due to the xeloda itself). Some fatigue, some nausea. A little hair loss, noticeable to me but not yet to others. I had one blister on the top of toe after cycle 2, and a bit of "under the skin" blistering during cycles 3 & 4. But not too bad yet. I had to give up serious walking (my prefered exercise) for a few days but have then been able to resume. Others have reported much more serious and faster blistering on feet and hands -- I feel very lucky so far. My hands are very dry and feel "weird" -- and more sensitive. But no blisters on hands yet.

Good luck to you.

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I'm on my last options as I've been on chemo and radiation for most of the last 2 1/2 years and failed the K-ras test. MD hoping by changing the 5 Fu to pill form, Xeloda, it may trick my metabolism into to thinking it's a new drug....long shot for sure! She was hoping to get me onto Avastin again in 2 months as that's when my Coumadin will end but I'm seconding guessing that one as I've already had lung clots in that past with it....oh well...I believe God has a certain time and day for taking me home and my trust in my Redemmer to get me into heaven. So happy I can rely on Him (Jesus)for the best scenerio:) Surely this sounds "religious" but it's not for me....it's a way of life and I've been blessd for and by my faith! Thanks for taking the time to write..it did help!

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I took six round of Xeloda. The daily dose was: 2000mg twice a day, for two weeks, then rest for a week. And my weight was 115 lbs.
Best wishes!

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I took 15 weeks of xeloda at max dose of 5000mg half in the morning and half at night. I suffered through very wicked hand and foot syndrome. But that was nearly three years ago and I'm still NED. It could get hard for you if this side effect starts up. Good luck

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I was thinking about you recently....and sending big hugs!!!

GREAT news...3 years....YEA!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I take 1500mg twice a day as well. I am on this every 2-weeks with 1-wk off. I weigh 200lbs so my dose seems somewhat light given others comments.

I also have two other chemo treatments erbitux weekly and oxaliplatin every three weeks.

Xeloda now for 3+ weeks and my side effects are attributed to the other drugs not Xeloda. Hands and feet are fine so far.

Time shall tell. I will be taking Xeloda for nine weeks total.

Best wishes.


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Thanks everyone for your comments. I so appreciate each of you! Just a note, I weigh 182lbs...was only 160 when I began all this 2 1/2 years ago...but get steroids with all treatments and that's too many to count! But hea, I'm still here and enjoy reading and praying for everyone. Thanks again:)

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