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he's still using alcohol, street drugs and tobacco....what do i do?

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there's not much here in alaska as far as resources, but the medical team said that he probably wouldn't survive the surgery, he did. he's home now, but is still using and his family thinks that it my fault for making him so miserable that he HAS to9 use to live with me!1 not true, tho i can be a c--t at times, but only to his family as a response to their accusations and put downs. what can i do to get him to quit using and start eating as he starts radiation today at 1:30! why do radiation when he's still using?, and he has yet to be honest with the medical team who i feel is doing all that is available up here for him, us. i want to walk away and never return, but i can't! he needs me even though he wrote down that he doesn't need anyone. any ideas?

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Wow........You are getting ZERO support from His family and you feel that you have to stay as his primary care-giver. You obviously care about him, a lot. I am sorry I don't have any advice, I have just been through breast cancer and my "better half" was very little support all the way through it. I wish you the best of luck in getting through to him. You have to give up certain things in order to live, hell He has you! A lot of people have much less! Good Luck Hun, You sound like a very Loyal and Caring gal! Jules X

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