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help me to understand

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hello my name is byrd and my ol' man just had his voicebox removed in oct 2008, and just came home about 2 weeks ago. he's still smoking and drinking as well as street drugs now and then, and today he starts radiation. he throws me out every other night, treats me like ****, gets impatient when i don't understand what he is saying with his voice machine or his drunken handwriting.....is he trying to kill himself his way? is he trying to say that he doesn't love me anymore now that he has cancer? somebody please help me understand why he hasn't shown any emotions about his cancer, but alot of negative emotions towards me!!!! where do i draw the line?

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Apparently,sugar is succulence to cancer cells. They thrive on it, in fact, and this helps medical professionals to detect cancer.

You might call it enabling. The med techs feed you with stuff that will attract the cancer so that they can see it. They enable it.

And then they do their best to get rid of it.

I advise that you do the same.

Take care,


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