Looking for info on current and upcoming treatment for advanced PC

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Hi All -

I wonder if you could help me with sources of information that I seem to be having difficulty locating through Google.

I'm 49 and in the early stages of advanced prostate cancer. My PSA is rising and we're just beginning to see some suspicious areas on my scans. I haven't started ADT yet, but will be soon.

I'm trying to find:

- A list of all current FDA-approved treatments for prostate cancer
- A list of promising treatments in Phase III trials that have a reasonable chance of being approved (I'm aware of clinicaltrials.gov, I'm looking for some analysis of the phase III trails listed there -- which ones might have potential for actual FDA approval)
- A list of all treatments that have had applications submitted to the FDA for approval and what the status is of the applications

I'd greatly appreciate any help you could give me with this information,

Thank you, Scott


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    Aloha Scott,
    A good place for answers is
    The net has a lot of info. Your decision must come from you, your partner, and your doc. Get second opinions from an oncologist. Demand answers.
    Have faith & hope,
    Joe 67 Hamakua Coast