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Is someone diagnosed with sacrum cancer ?

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Hi my name is Erika, My mother has been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2000. She had a surgery from which the doctors took out the cancerous cells. Unfortunately, She has been diagnosed with sacrum cancer 5 months ago. The doctors in my city said that there is nothing else to do that it is going to be a long painful process since all her organs are intact.She only had 10 sessions of radiation therapy 3 months ago. I am so devastated about it. I do not know what to do ?????????? My mother is usually in so much pain. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME ......

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Sacrum is the lower part of the spine, joined with pelvis. Pain is going to be bad so make sure you have a doctor who understands the need for pain management. There are all kinds of pain relivers, and that's what they are for, don't let doctors minimize pain management. Good luck to you and your mom.

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