Hysterectomy and sentinel node biopsy

I had a D&C and the results came back confused. My doctor has informed me that I need a abdominal hysterectomy. She wants to look at my lymph nodes. However, without a positve dignosis of cancer I do not want to have my lymph nodes remove just for a look. When I had breast cancer my doctor did a sentinel node biopsy and consequently did not have to remove all of my lymph nodes. My question is has any one had a sentinel node biopsy for the lymph nodes of the uterus?


  • GerGer
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    The gynecological oncologist
    The gynecological oncologist did a sentinel node biopsy for my left ovarian area, where the ovary had atrophied. For the right ovarian area, where I had a cyst that turned out to be benign, he nevertheless took five lymph nodes, which was fine with me.
  • lindaprocopio
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    My Gyn-Onc took 25 lymph nodes with my hysterectomy
    I had 25 lymph nodes removed during my abdominal hysterectomy. They only found microscopic cancer cells in ONE of those 25 lymph nodes. I have to wonder, what if they had just taken out and looked at 10 or 15 or even 24, and missed that one? Then I would have been incorrectly staged, and my insurance may not have been willing to pay for the aggressive treatment that I am now getting without the Stage III diagnosis that single lymph node triggered. Of course, my cancer was tentatively diagnosed BEFORE my hysterectomy, based on my D&C pathology. I'd get a 2nd opinion before I had a full abdominal hysterectomy with no strong basis for a cancer diagnosis. It's MAJOR surgery.