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Hi, i'm new and very scared

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Hello everyone, my fiance' of one month just found out last Friday that he has throat cancer. i am just heartbroken. its especially frustrating b/c we don't live close together, although, that is changing next month. my thinking is will he be alive next month. Today, the doc is taking a biopsy. We already know its in Stage 2.He will begin the chemo and radiation tomorrow and i'm so upset that i can't be there with him. i have been crying so hard that i am hoarse and my throat and chest hurt.

I'm waiting anxiously for his call about the doc visit. trying to stay busy. don't feel like eating, but i do eat about once a day.

i'm trying to be positive but it's hard for me. the bottom line is that i'm so very afraid right now.

God bless us all,

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you have every reason to be nervous and scared. Cancer is a scary disease for the sick and caregivers. I am no pro at this but after reading alot on this site and my mom had stage 4(just recently passed after 1yr of struggle and fight) I believe your fiance should have a very good lead on this and should be able to beat it. It will not be easy im sure but stay positive and focused and just do everything the docs say. The wonderful people on this site will give you many ideas and are always here to help or listen for any reason at all.
The road ahead will be difficult many tests, treatments, surgeries and side effects but remember its all for getting better and their are many remedies to make things easier for him if need be. it may seem overwhelming at times and to much to handle but staying positive that you can beat this is the most important and it can happen. You say youll be moving in with him soon, that will be the best for you both as you can just be ther for him and show him all the support and caring he will need, just let him know that the two are you in this togther that he is not ALONE and he is a survivor, and im sure things will work out for you both. You have to remember to try and stay strong for yourself and for him. You dont want to get sick so you can take care of him when he will need you and also If you were to get sick or ill he would be so worried about you and not able to fight his cancer so take care of yourself first so your strong enough for both. Please post anything you feel on here if it makes you better ther are many wonderful people here to help you through this.
God bless

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