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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Recap: DX Nov. '07 CC Stage 4. 12 rounds folfox + avastin, CT scan stable '08 May, 5-FU + avastin 8 rounds, rise in CEA, first round of folfiri '08 Sept. led to hospitalization, neutropenic fever, dehydration, kidney failure, lost confidence in doctors, switched hospitals, stayed off chemo for 5 weeks, got results today.

CT Scan: Stable

Folfiri: Genetic mutation that means that with folfiri a little bit goes a long way. Onc still wants to use the drug just has to give very small dosage. Not sure whether this is a good or bad thing yet.

K-RAS Mutation: jury still out.

Chemo will begin again this Friday. Good thing though off weeks will be during Turkey day and Xmas.

Hope you all are well! I pray for you quite frequently.

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Sounds like you and your mother are doing well, all things considering! I think it is definitely good news that her body responds so well to CPT-11 that she doesn't need a very high dose. And as far as off weeks "falling" on Thanksgiving and Christmas ... just remember that you are in control. If you want your mother to be feeling good for a certain occasion, delay treatment a week. Her onc will tell you that it won't make that much difference, after all sometimes you have to delay due to white cell counts, colds, etc. Remember that it makes no sense to extend your life if you don't actually LIVE your life! God bless and prayers for continued success.

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I've been wondering about you and your mom. It's good to have an update! I hope you and your mom are able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas. My prayers will be with you.


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It sounds like the typical "get ready, set, STOP" that goes with this.

I'm glad the major holidays are avoided...my pump was removed the day before Christmas...and I was so sick on Christmas day that all I could stomach was scalloped potatoes. Funny thing, tho, I found that this dish was soooo comforting that I always made up a big batch before chemo started...it got me through the rest of the rectal cancer, AND the breast cancer chemo, too...and I STILL think they are delicious!

Hugs, Kathi

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