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psa doubled in a month

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I just got the results from my latest psa. it has doubled from 0.35 in oct. to 0.70 now (11/13). I have been on hormone treatments for the past 12 months. my urologist thinks it is still to early to start chemo or take my off of casodex. I have read many conflicting reports as to the benifits of starting chemo before it spreads to the bones or wait until it does. does anyone have a simular expierence when the hormonal treatments fail to work?. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Aloha marcus32,
There are several people at
that can answer your question.
At one year from EBRT my PSA is still <0.05.
Joe 67

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Hi JoeMac, thank you for the info I visited the site last night. It has a lot of info. Thanks again

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I don't know if this will make you feel any better but my PSA went from 6.5 to 36 in a year and a half. I was diagnosed today after my biopsy as having PC. My Gleason score is 4+4. I am scheduled for a bone scan and a IVP to see if it has spread. My urolgist is trying to make me feel good by telling me most men in my age group (I am 72 and will be 73 in Feb.)die with PC instead of from it. He is preliminarily suggested radium treatments (depending on the results of the bone scan and IVP). Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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