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Stage vi cancer WHY?

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as some know mom died with stage iv laryngeal sqaumous cell carcinoma cancer T2N2cMo
im just wondering why it is that some have a good outsome then others with the stage iv. yes i do know that is varies and is different for each perosn as treatments varies but was just a little curious. i like to learn as much as i can incase i ever hear or find someone else close to me with the neck/throat cancer again. When mom was first diagnosed they said was a 5yr survival rate but mom didnt even make it 2 yrs and she did evrything under the sun radiation, erbitux, surgery and then chemo. Nothing seemed to work or help in her case maybe thats why just wondering if anybody had any insight or lesson to be learned. Maybe its my way of getting unanswered questions to make me feel better in away who knows. Just a little curious as i read all these stories of worries, struggles, treatments, survival and then the ones that dont make it. What is everyones opinions?

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When I was just about to start treatments, a rather famous person in the Nashville area died of SCC very much like I had just found out I had. It scared the snot out of me! I was sure I was headed down the same path. I asked my Medical Oncologist about it and she said the best way she could put it was that not everyone has "what it takes" both physically,and emotionaly to get over it,through it, or past it. Sadly, we may never know what "it" is and how one that doesn't have "it" can find it. I can only beleive that God had other plans for me and that the cancer was put into my life as a lesson of some sort. But when He is ready to call you home, it's just time to get on the bus and enjoy the ride.


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