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Biopsy Results

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Just got back from my ONC, test results, it is cancer, I am now stage 4. WIll be seeing a surgeron in a few days, and surgery within the week. After recovery (2-4 weeks), I will have to go through 6 months of chemo. Not sure what it will be, my ONC is working on my treatment plan. Well here we go again, the fight is back on! Please keep me in your prayers.

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God Bless you Beth. We will be praying for you. Keep the positive attitude. We are all here for you.


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You are in my thoughts and prayers and BELIEVE that you will make it through this;
there are many success stories from our group to inspire you. Take a step and a day
at a time; find a place of peace that you can go to for regaining strength. Trying to
keep ourselves in the best frame of mind and spirit is half the battle. Hugs.

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Best of luck and hang in there. You will get through this. Keep us posted.


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I'm so sorry to hear your news. It SUCKS! You can do this. You have good support and an employer that is sympathetic. Do something fun for yourself and your family. Dance on the tables if you need to, but get your spirits up so you can face what is next! I was in the car with my 17yr old son when I got the call that I was stage IV. There was an important decision to be made very quickly...how do you react? What do I want to show him and teach him through this? We cranked the music to old rock n' roll and danced all the way home! At a stop light, I even stood up through the sun roof! Wonderful way to embarrass him and scar him for life - now he has some stories for Oprah! :)

I went to stage IV in August w/mets to the liver/lungs after being out of treatment for only a couple of months. I've been back in chemo since hoping for a liver resection (currently inoperable). My CT to determine respectability is scheduled for the 24th, so we'll see. We can do this together. Remember, stage IV isn't a declaration, it's a DARE!


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I'm so sorry, Beth. This is not good news, but like everyone else here, i believe you have the strength to beat it. It's great news that it's operable, and treatable. I will be thinking about you often, and please keep us posted with your treatments.

Many hugs,

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Been there, done that, got the extra scars to prove it! I know how tough it is to first hear that the beast has come back and to know you have to go into the chemo soup once again. It SUCKS! But, once I realized that the fight was on and giving up wasn't an option (my mother died of lung cancer while i was entering my second fight), my attitude changed! The first time, we thought chemo was just "in case"; the second time we knew it was necessary. It made a world of difference. No longer did I think of it as poison, and no longer did I try to be tough. I let everyone that wanted to help do so! When the burden was shared, it was much lighter and easier to carry. Like my daughter says, you beat the beast before, you'll kick it's a$$ again! We are stronger than it is, we have more to live for! God be with you and keep us posted!

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I'm sorry it is not the news we were all hoping for. I am one of those who has had a recurrence. I don't use the term Stage 4 (I'm 'superstitious' about language -- I only use terms I am comfortable with. I can say recurrence. I can say metastasis. But I don't use Stage 4). I have had surgery for a lung met -- followed by chemotherapy. Let me (us) know if you have any questions about the surgery. Sounds scary but it's OK. It is very hard to get back on that horse again. But you can do it. Sending prayers and best wishes your way.


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So sorry. I had lung mets show up after 3 months clean but I always liked the idea of surgery as a way to get rid of the stuff... It's not much but that possibility holds out hope.

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Yes, the fight is back on... but the good news is that they are going to operate AND have a followup plan of chemo!! Oh sure, NONE of us want to go into surgery and then chemo again... I think we'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would ever say, "Yipppee! More surgery, more chemo!" But in reality, this really is the best news to a situation you were hoping wasn't going to happen.... why? ... because it means they still think you have options and those options! They would NOT suggest surgery and more chemo if they thought that, in the long run, it wasn't going to do you any good.

So, as strange as this may seem, when your oncologist said that you will get surgery in the next week, a recovery period, then chemo... this is like music to my ears! When they say there really is nothing they can do... that is when I would start to panic... and even then, it would mean we have to put the panic aside and continue the fight from within!

You are going to be just fine, Beth!! Chin up ... and into the battle we all go... we all are on your team!!



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Hi Beth. I'm really sorry about the results. You know you will be in everyone's thoughts and prayers while you go this next round with the beast. Stomp it till it cries; then we will take a naked victory lap!!!!

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi Beth,

I am so sorry that you are back in the battle, but it sounds like you are a candidate for surgery. Sending you my best for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Please let us know when everything is scheduled so we can pray harder for your healing.



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I want to thank everyone that has responded. I truly appreciate all your prayers and well wishes. Well saw my surgeon yesterday and they have me going into surgery next tuesday I believe. They are going to go in from the back and take out part of my rib to get to my lung. She said as of right now she wont know if she will have to take the whole lobe out or not. But if its needed she will do that. She said that there will be at least a 3 months recovery just from the surgery. Chemo wont be able to start for about 4-6 weeks after surgery. My ONC said I will have to do at least 6 months of Chemo. He is not sure what regemin(sp)of chemo I will be on, he is working on that. My next ONC appointment is the 12th of December, so I am sure I will know then what kind of chemo I will be on.

SO that is about it for now. Just trying to get things in order with work and stuff, so I can be ready to recover. I will keep everyone updated and will be checking the board often. Again thanks to everyone!!!!
God Bless
Love and Peace

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Oh, Beth. I'm so sorry about this. We'll be praying really hard for you to have strength for the fight ahead! Keep us posted as you can.


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Beth, I had my lung biopsy and surgery on 9/22 and am now fighting again right along side you. It is so heartbreaking to get the news that the beast is back. I started chemo on 11/3. Will have 6 mos. of Folfuri this time and am again praying for a cure. I will keep you in my prayers for the same outcome.

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I ahve not gotten the word yet. Still going through test. But Because of our family history I know in my heart that it is not good. They have me on pain killers but any advice on my bloodpressure? I am very low to the point I pass out. I refuse to wait in the hospital for results and dont know what I can do at home. We go no wheres incase i faint and someone decides to call 911 before I can get the words out of my mouth. My biopseys will be here sometime next week and going for a colonoscopy in december. I do not have a C-diagnoises yet but I watched my father go through the same things. All the signs are there AND i HAVE A GOOD OUTLOOK Just wish I could get things done sooner. How do you handle the pressure of waiting?

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I am very sorry you are going through this. This is my second go around, and the waiting seems to be worst then the beast itself at times. I try to stay busy that helps and I also cry when I need to cry. I tried to be big and strong the first time, now I am just being myself and being human. Crying seems to help me, even if I do it alone. Keep busy, go out and live, dont stop living because of this, even if it is the C word, you still have to live your life, it will just be with a few bumps if it is the C word. Dont ever give up or give in, know that you are not alone, there are so many great people on this board that are here to help, here to listen, to answer questions and give advice. Take all the help you can get, dont be stubborn and try to do it all on your own. You will be in my prayers, and if I can be of help in anyway please let me know.
God Bless

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