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Just wanted to give you all the update, 51yr husband dx nov 07 colon cancer stage 3c cancer removed, chemo for 6 mo, 2 spots showed up on scan, kidney and liver biopsy done pet scan done now is stage 4 with cancer in the stomach liver kidney and new tumor in sigmoid area, he's on chemo again he on camptosar and erbitux every week. well i thought his wife that there was going to be a porblem with him getting ssdi but it only took 2 months to get the approval they went back when he was inthe hospital so our 6 months of being disabled was met 2 months after we applied my husband is very releaved that it went so smoothly so am i.I guess being dx terminal, they may have expedited his case.I just wanted to let you know about ssdi. husband not feeling good these days stomach hurts will have pet scan on the 24th will see doc on the 25 of nov. to see if the chemo is helping to skrink the cancer or is it getting worse i pray the it is shrinking and my husband will get better,


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I am so glad that the SSDI came through so fast for ya'll. It is a difficult time but remember that God does miraculous things everyday. Have faith in that he will guide you and your husband down the right paths and keep you comforted during these times. Everything will work out , God will make sure of that. Trust in him and talk to him and let him take the burdens from you where you and your husband can have some peace with each other and the illness. Im praying that a miracle will happen here....and it will...God Bless you both and above all stay strong in faith...............

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thank you for your kind words i am also praying for a miracle . thanks again buzzard

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Sorry to hear the news, but I agree with Buzard MIRACLES do happen, and I will be praying for one to happen for your husband.

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my husband needs all the prayers he can get

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Add me to the list of people who will be praying for your husband and for you. This is harsh news, but I'm here to say that miracles still occur in this day and age. We'll be praying you get one!


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