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rising psa while on lupron and casodex treatment

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Hi, I had a radical prostatectomy in oct of 06. the pathology report indicated a gleason score of of 8 with invasion of both seminal vesicles and involvement of the bladder neck margin. I started lupron shots in dec 06 and radiation treatments in jan 07. the rad treatments ended in march of 07 and the lupron shots ended in may of 07. for the next six months my psa levels were less than 0.1 in oct 07 my psa rose to 2.3 and by nov. had doubled to 4.6. i have been back on lupron with the addition to casodex since dec 07. in june my psa was 0.05 and is now at 0.35. my dr. did not seem concerned about the jump and said come back in 4 months. has anyone else had their psa rise while on lupron/casodex and should i be overly concerned like i am.?

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had surgery in june 05 psa stood at 0.04 until march 07 went 3.5 then by june 07 8.5 so put on same 2 drugs and 39 radiatin treatments this all ended march 08 psa .0.07 so stoped all drugs for 3 months by june 08 psa back to 3-5 so only lupron for 3 months in june checked in 6 weeks psa droped to 1.18 well went back last week for month lupron shot psa back up to 1.45 so now he added cosadex again if they don't work i don't know what's next

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My husband has been on the Casodex/lupron treatment since May 2008. From the beginning it was explained to us that eventually the treatment would stop working with the average being 18 months for effectiveness. At his last urologist visit the doctor made the statement that when the time came and the Casodex stopped working he had something else to give him. At my husband's monthly visit with his primary physician he told her what the urologist said and she said oh yes, we have lots of different things to give you. Your doctor must have something else to try too.

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