2nd opinion tomorrow

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Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow afternoon I am going for a 2nd opinion. Hopefully this oncologist will be able to come up with some options for me to get rid of the 2 spots in my left lung.

Part of me is curious to see what options I have, the other part of me is dreading it.

After 41/2 years I am physically and emotionally tired of doctors appointments and cancer. Hopefully after my meeting tomorrow I will feel more upbeat. I usually stay fairly positive, but I'm having a difficult time with it right now.

Thanks for letting me vent!



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    Hi Jamie,
    I'm saying a

    Hi Jamie,

    I'm saying a prayer right now that you'll get satisfaction with your 2nd opinion Dr. visit. I, too, have a 2nd opinion appt set up w/ an oncologist Thursday of next week. My wish and prayer is that I'll have a very strong feeling as whether to go with what this 2nd guy says vs. what my current oncologist is saying. That will be my prayer for you, too. That and for you to not be too nervous or upset going in. Remember, as always, to have your list of questions and concerns with you, so you don't freeze up and forget anything.

    Take care & blessings to you-
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    Jamie, I also have said a prayer for you to be comforted and for good news from your 2nd opinion; even if it's just that your original onc knows what he's talking about! I hear ya on the being tired of the fight... but I also know that I WILL continue to fight. Someone on here said they saw a recurrence as a dare, and I echo that now! I would prefer to continue dancing with NED, of course, but if I have to face down the beast again, I will and I will prevail again! So will you, so be strong and let us know how it goes! Let your oncs know that doing nothing isn't an option!