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tired of hearing -"good cancer"

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I am sitting in isolation typing to you.I have had two surgeries and just did the drink!I am starting to get frustrated with people telling me I have "good" cancer.....do people think before they say that? It is cancer! I feel alone.

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I hear what you are saying. Regardless if thyroid cancer is one of the most curable, the fact is, is that it is still CANCER and very scary. No cancer is "good" to have!! It seems that only those of us who are dealing with thyroid cancer undestand this fact. I had surgery on Oct.7th and that was when the cancer was found. Had a second surgery, to remove the rest of my thyroid, on Oct.21st. Now on the 18th I have to go in for my dose of radioactive iodine. You did not mention what type of thyrois cancer you have. If you have not tried out the chat room yet I would highly recommend it. Even though I have yet to meet another thyroid cancer survivor the people that I have met are great and have helped me out alot. Good luck with isolation and God bless you.

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Don't feel alone....I felt the same way after finding out I had thyroid cancer at age 19. Every doctor said, "Well if you had to choose one kind of cancer to have, this would be the best one." Little did they know that I would have to go in for a second surgery 5 years later, stay on medication my whole life, and end up with fertility issues. Having thyroid cancer also puts you at higher risk of developing another type cancer. Cancer is always bad news and it is always serious. I'm sorry you are feeling down.

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Im brand new to this site but I have was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer over 18months ago now. I got told that all the time at the begining but now that I am off my meds for the 4th time in 18months and about to have my third round of RAI people dont say it so much!!

For me, cause treatment can only be done once every 6 months and it either grew back or didnt get "dead" with the first or second round I have had to keep going....its a long time to "wait" to be able to go through it all again...i'd rather feel crap for 6 months straight and get it all over with in one hit than drag it out over years like this...

OK so yes, our cancer has a higher survival rate, but it comes with some pretty crap stuff too.....im very concerned about developing other cancers or it spreading or recurring. Theres the meds that seem to take forever to get the right dose, theres the paranioa that your children are at risk for Thyroid Cancer....

But one thing Cancer does do for you....makes you or breaks you. You come out either a fighter or you give up and feel cheated.

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Yeah, I'm 20 and that's EXACTLY what my doctors told me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have gotten so lucky and that I don't have to go through chemo or anything like that, but this still sucks. Especially since I've never been sick at ALL before, no surgeries, no broken bones, nothing. And everyone expects me to be upbeat and positive about it, and they keep telling me "oh, you'll be fine, your cancer is totally treatable don't worry" and yeah, I know that, but sometimes I wish they'd just let me complain/cry about it for awhile. But I mostly feel like I have to stay strong and positive for my friends and family, so that's what I'm trying to do.

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I totally undestand where you guys are coming from. I am 25 and am going for my radioactive therapy soon. I am so sick of people acting like its not a big deal and thinking after the surgery you are cancer free. Yea right that is just the first step. Yea this cancer might me cureable but it could cause other cancer and nobody truely knows how your body is dealing to this great change or how the radiation effects your body. I am sick of feeling stupid and tired all the time and not being able to think staight. I wish I didnt have to worry about the future and how long I got and if I can have kids of if I will develop another cancer. This is very scary and people need to realize that we are scared and we don't feel like ourselves. I try to act nomak and strong but sometimes you just wish that someone would ask how your doing and if your ok and tell you that its ok to cry and feel bad for your self some times..

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I agree with you. That's all I heard when I was diagnosed last Oct.. I don't think having any type of cancer in what ever form is good. I certainly take offense when I hear "you are really lucky that it's only thyroid cancer." I am always tired I never have any energy, and you are right it can come back any time. I worry if it starts to spread what then. I just want to feel normal again.

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So many of us have had the same reaction -- I certainly did, when I got the "good news" back in March that my nodule was "only" papillary thyroid cancer. I had read that only 5% of nodules were cancerous, so I was really surprised that it came back positive, and did not feel "lucky" at all at that point. And if I was so lucky, why did I still have to have surgery, and not wait too long?

Now that I am through it, life is almost back to normal (my biggest problem being regulation of the thyroid levels...which is still being tweaked). But I'm sure I'll still feel anxiety about the followup checkups due in 2009....

Best wishes to all for a healthier 2009!

so thankful
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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last april and my Dr. told me that it is the best type of cancer to have.... I will never forget hearding those words. I understand there are different stages, types, and more severe kinds of cancer due to my mom having been diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and yet it was the strangest thing I've ever heard. I don't understand the "its only thyroid cancer" comments made by the Drs at Mayo. The visible scar on my neck not to mention the invisible scars in my mind and heart and the things my family and friends dealt with don't say... Its only Thryoid Cancer. I know that this is something I will have to manage for the rest of my life but I feel blessed that all I have to deal with is twice a year Dr. appts. to check my neck, blood, and lungs because I know it could be so much worse! Cancer affects everyone involved... Famliy,Friends, and yourself. Regardless of the type. I truely believe that the big C doesn't stand for Cancer it stands for Cure. God bless you all!

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That there is no "good" cancer. I've been lucky that not too many people have been insensitive enough to say that but every time... sometimes I grit my teeth and sometimes I say something smart ***. Depends on how I'm feeling that day. When one of my dr's said "Well, if you have to get cancer, this is the kind to get!" and I know what he meant, but I wanted to say "How about NO cancer? Hmmm, why isn't that an option?" I had the distinction of having to do 2 months of daily external beam radiation therapy treatments and that kind of kicked my butt. By the end of it my throat was pretty much swollen shut, I lost my voice and could barely eat, I mostly lived on ensure, so I wound up losing some weight and it was noticable. That and the hour drive each way every day, and then trying to go to work after it most days, so by the end of that, I think most people around me knew that this was serious. But it kind of sucks that I had to go through all this "extra" treatment before people really took it seriously.
I can count my blessings though. I had 2 great dr's, my ent who caught it very early and did my surgery, only one since he got a really good fine needle aspiration and it was positive for cancer so he stroungly reccommended a total tyroidectomy. He also did his best to conceal my scar in a crease I already had and did an excellent job. My radiology oncologist who handled my EBRT as well as my RAI was very experienced with this kind of cancer and very aggressive in treating it. (I also have a great cancer center an hour away, which wasn't so great for a daily drive, but living in rural Oregon, it could have been much further.) So many people in my support group had to go through multiple surgeries and have dr's who don't listen to them or don't have much experience with thyroid cancer. I have also had wonderful supportive friends who helped me in so many little and big ways. I work in a casino and you can look around the casino and see a dozen different people on any given day wearing "my" thyca braclets, it makes me smile everytime I see one. So while the words "good cancer" are like fingernails on a chalkboard, I know I was lucky in many ways. Thank you to everyone else who posted on this subject. It's comforting to know we're not alone.

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I had a total thyroidectomy on April 7th. I will do the I-131 radiation this coming June 16th. This may be the most curable cancer that there is. However, it is the most long term treatment. It is going to be a yearly thing forever! And frankly, I am so tired of feeling so sick and tired. It is like a total 'out of body' experience. Like someone else responded, you feel total stupid. I feel like I have aged 20 years. I haven't had to radiation yet, but this whole being off any thyroid medication along with the diet is totally crappy. And when this is all said and done, us 'lucky ones' with the 'lucky cancer' get to go through it every stinking year. There is going to always this grey cloud over our heads! I also read and was told the statisics of only 5% positive cancer. But it is amazing just how many come out positive. I actually on time told someone who for the 15th time said 'its the good cancer to get' I piped up and said:"try it". I felt totally bad. But it was so how I felt.

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I feel the same way about the "Good Cancer".Unless you hear the "C"word you can't imagine what it is like. I think Thyroid Cancer is more serious than believed to be. I am going in for more biopsies on April 1oth and possible more surgery. I feel bad for all of you going through this. We are all in this together and I am glad this group exist. It is so good to have someone to chat with.

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I just got into an argument/discussion with my dh about this very thing. I am being too sensitive when I get upset when someone says Good Cancer. WTH, I didn't realize there was a good cancer to have. I want to just say Well, since it is such a good kind of cancer to have, Would you like me to give it to you?

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This is my first post to the thyroid cancer community. I was diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer with 6 large inoperable mets to my liver, then the doctor said, oh yeah you have thyroid cancer also. I was originally given 2 months and placed on best supportive care. I found some new doctors that gave me chemo, surgery, surgery, chemo, surgery. On the 26th of march I was given the NED for my colon cancer.
My medical bills total over 2 million dollars, I've spent 3 of the last 6 months in ICU. I went into septic shock 6 times. In case you don't know, 1 out of every 2 people that go into septic shock die. Not great odds but I'm still hear. Well, now that things are better, I need to begin my thyroid treatment. My biopsy is next week to see if my cancer has changed since last year. I suppose I'll have chemo then surgery soon. I hope to get to know many of you. The colon cancer community was a huge support in my fight against colon cancer.

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Boy, You are beating the odds.
I had Thyroid cancer March 2008, 2 surgerys, 1 RAI treatment and my meds have been changed 5 times to get everything regulated. This month I go for my 1st RAI scan. Good luck on everything!My prayers are with you.

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Hello, just passing thru.I have prostate cancer and I know exactly what you mean. " Well if you had to have cancer you "picked " the right one". Picked...picked... like I had a choice. Can I choose to give it back then? People, cancer is not good, where have they been. cancer is cancer, Every 15 min a man dies from Prostate Cancer. Treatable yes, curable Yes, mostly, side effects , absolutely. You have a right to be upset. My son-in-law is a leukemia survivor, and we make jokes all the time in front of the lesser blessed (non cancer ones) , mostly they look at us weird. There is a bond among survivors that most people never see. Keep posting here... we all love you.....God Bless

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Like I was shopping for a brand of cancer and Hurthle Cell Thyroid was my choice. As you've all said, cancer is cancer and it's never good. Although thyroid is more manageable and treatable, it's still cancer.

There is an unbreakable bond all us survivors share. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down, but I believe the key is to say positive and ride the ups to the top and they will carry you through your downs.

Hugs to all

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I might have had Throid cancer but is still cancer!! I hate that word. Anyone that says oh thyroid cancer thats a good cancer to have hasnt had it or had the sleepless nights worrying if cancer will show up in another part of my body.

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Hi Donna,

I know how hard it is to hear others tell you that this is a "good cancer"...I sometimes cringe when I hear people say the same thing to me.

Don't forget to stay positive! :) I have found that talking with others who have traveled a similar path can be a great source of inspiration and comfort.

I just got a call today from a college buddy of mine who 9 days ago found a lump in his neck and today was given his results. Unfortunately his news wasn't positive and he is schedule for surgery next week. I consider myself fortunate to be a helpful guide for others in same way that people in this forum have been a resource to myself.

It is a wild and crazy journey that none of us signed up for - but there are also many miracles along the way!

Sending Comfort, Love, and Peace, JJ

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i was diagnose at 15 yrs old, and i hate hearing "good cancer" crap too. im 17 now and constantly have labs to re do my meds, ive held several biopsys or pet scans. theyre always making sure it doesn't spread. the type of radiation they do on us can cause leukemia later on on life. im always tired and my throat and chest still radiate with pain. i jus recently got labs done and am waiting on the results. what people forget is that when u dont have a thyroid, you take meds just to keep you alive. many other cancers, once beaten, dont have the worry of regulated meds that keep them alive.

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i was diagnose at 15 yrs old, and i hate hearing "good cancer" crap too. im 17 now and constantly have labs to re do my meds, ive held several biopsys or pet scans. theyre always making sure it doesn't spread. the type of radiation they do on us can cause leukemia later on on life. im always tired and my throat and chest still radiate with pain. i jus recently got labs done and am waiting on the results. what people forget is that when u dont have a thyroid, you take meds just to keep you alive. many other cancers, once beaten, dont have the worry of regulated meds that keep them alive.

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I get tired of it too. Nobody seems to understand unless they have been where we are. NOTHING is the same as it used to be. I can't see like I used to, I can't hear like I used to and I feel tired all the time. Getting to work everyday is like pulling teeth. I sleep all weekend long but I still feel tired almost every day and I never really feel rested when I wake up. Loosing weight has been such a chore. I am being kept hypo so you would think I could loose weight easily, but Noooooo!

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I too am tired of hearing this. When people (usually technicians, specialists, etc.) ask what type of brain cancer I have, I tell them it is meningiomas that are inoperable. I almost always hear: "oh, meningiomas.....at least you have the GOOD tumors/cancer. Those are treatable". Wrongo.....SOME of my tumors are treatable. But there are others in inoperable locations that aren't.

I agree with you. I don't think people think before they speak. I think they are too busy trying to reassure us that everything will be okay.

Cancer, in any form, is not good. I'm tired of people acting like there is only 1 cancer in the world worthy of being discussed or treated and I'm also tired of people acting like it's no big deal with what you have.

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Im 16 and ive been through it all and still am i started with this when i was 12 and its never over. No cancer is good but you always have people there with you to help you through it!

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I completely understand your sentiments, and most of us will agree that this might be the 'good cancer', but it is also the 'complex, annoying, can't get answers, I feel weird' cancer! There is not a lot of support out there, and it is much needed. If you are having issues, I encourage you to seek support - I found a wonderful cancer support group that has made this much more bearable - folks with cancer certainly understand your trials and emotional struggles. Cancer is cancer - it isn't ever 'good' :( You'll find that folks respond to you in order to make themselves feel better about your cancer (they're dealing with it too, but in a totally different way) - sometimes they don't think about how it makes you feel.

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yes I have heard this from many doctors

they think they are making you feel more comfortable.

part of there job is to make the patient comfortable with there condition.

the reason they say its a good cancer is that when you get your thyroid removed there is a large chance you will not have problems with it..

the thing they don't realize is

1) when they tell family and friends its a good cancer some of them believe its nothing
2) there is a 30% chance you are going to have a re-occurrence
3)you have to take meds for the rest of your life
4) there are lots of after effects that you will have to deal with in the future they don't see
and many more issues

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I try so hard to be thankful that this is the cancer I have been diagnosed with however it is so hard to accept cancer in any form. I too hear all to often how lucky I am to have this cancer and I do understand what is being said but at this moment i'm just trying to accept that I a mother of 4 have cancer at all.

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