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I'm new to this please help

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My husband was recently diagnosed with bladder and lung cancer. The only thing I know is that the lung cancer has spread to the bone. We won't know until atleast Wednesday what kind and what stage it is in. I'm very angry because my husband fought in Vietnam where they used Agent Orange. He comes home makes it through fighting and 40 years later it is going to end his life. It is vary frustating. If anyone has any advise I'm all ears.

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Dear Stephenie,

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. Cancer is a nasty disease that no one deserves and I wish they would find a cure for all of it. First thing to do is breathe. Relax. I know only too well how impossible the situation seems and how hopeless things feel. But getting diagnosed doesn't make you any sicker than you were the day before you were diagnosed. Instead, it gives you information on where the enemy is so you can fight it. Knowledge is power. Yes, sometimes cancer wins. But many folks with cancer that has spread to their bones live. I read lots of posts at this website from folks that found the treatment plan that worked with their cancer or cancers. For many of them, cancer is a chronic disease like diabetes. They have it, they deal with it, and life goes on. So try to hold on to hope. Get to the best oncologists for bladder and lung cancer you can get to and find out what you can do. You did not say exactly how they found out your husband had both bladder and lung cancer. It is not uncommon to have two kinds (I have both breast and lung cancer), but they have to see the cells under a microscope and sometimes even do genetic testing to tell what kind of cancer they are dealing with. That means they have to get those cells first to put them under the scope. It makes a difference what kind or kinds of cancer he has because different chemotherapies work on different cancers. This is a great place to post questions and concerns because many of the folks here have been through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. They have lots of tips on getting through it. The chat room is helpful too because there you can ask questions in real time and get immediate responses. A lot of the burden of cancer is emotional. It is good to find a place where you can get support. Good luck to both you and your husband.

C. Abbott

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I want to thank you so very much. Tomorrow is the day we will know exactly what stage my husband is in and what comes next. We knew there was something wrong in august when there was blood in my husbands urine. They took a tumor out of his bladder that was a transitional cell carcinoma. After that they did a lot of scans and found a tumor in the lung. After a pet scan we learned it spread to the bone. On Thursday they did a biopsy that we were told was cancer.(of course we knew that) They then said slides have to be sent to Boston and that we will know exactly what type of cancer and what comes next. We had to get pain medication over the weekend because of the pain in the pelvic bone. Right now everything is o.k.and the meds worked. If it is o.k. I will let you know what happens next. Again Thank you.

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