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SBRT treatment

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First I want to say thanks to everyone that replied to my September 22nd post. I finally have some news about a treatment, I will go to OHSU on Monday at 9AM to start Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy ( pinpoint radiation ).. It has been a very nerve racking wait since my scan results. I met on last Friday with Dr. Martin Fuss at OHSU for a consultation but he had not yet received my pet scan results only the printed report from the radiologist and he needed to see the scan results..he called after he received the results and thinks he can help so I will know more on Monday. This disease is mind boggling at times, I feel so good but know I am ill. At times I get very mad about having to think about when this disease will eventually get the best of me..I am not giving up on fighting this but I realize that my cancer can not be cured now but hopefully can be managed so that I can have more time here with my family. I believe in God and miracles, also I believe I have had many miracles and blessings in my life especially since my diagnosis in 2005. I guess I am just mad about this disease..it's so sneaky..Thanks for listening to me and I will post about the treatment after Monday. Has anyone had this SBRT treatment ?? Hugs to everyone, Audrey.

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Good luck with your treatment on Monday. I haven't had SBRT, but hope it will be successful for you. Good luck and you will be in my prayers!


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Audrey, this sounds like very promising treatment for you! I agree, this cancer just SUCKS! I look forward to hearing how things go with this and can't wait to hear you are NED! And I agree, sometimes I just get so VERY mad at this dammed cancer thing and what it has the potential to steal from me! However, that anger allows me to muster up more energy for the fight I plan on continuing with fingernails embedded; kicking all the way!

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I posted a message to you on another topic so in case you didn't see that one,
I am happy to hear from you. I remember your post about some new problems and
then didn't see anything else and was wondering how you were doing. Glad you
have a treatment plan and it sounds good altho I don't know anything about it.
Think we all get used to seeing people online and then miss them when they don't
post for a while. It is an ongoing battle and we never know when or where it
will surprise us next; that is the worst part about it. Keep up the good fight!

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