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5 Years since surgery

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This week it will have been 5 years since my cancer journey began and today it is five years since the surgery!! As Kay stated we all know, five years is a milestone in the world of cancer, but it has never been a destination for me either. What has happened to me over the past years has been a blessing that words cannot describe. To most people that probably does not make sense, but I know you understand. Again as Kay stated in her post, stages, markers. treatment, remission, cure???..... all are a part of the terminology that we become WAY to familiar with. Emotional highs and lows characterize each day.... joy and sadness. Yet each night we are grateful to God for surviving another day.

When I first heard the word cancer, I was scared into numbness. All I could think about was having two boys who still needed their mom. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I was going to face this myself much less tell the boys. Being a single mom, I thank God I didn’t have to face this alone. My precious friends (and this word doesn’t begin to describe what they mean to me) stepped up, prayed for me, gave me encouragement and love. You will never know how much all of that meant. You went to the doctor with me, came to the hospital, cooked meals, took Michael to and from school and let him practically live with you. And you took my place cleaning at the school so the boys tuition would still be credited. All the things they did for me cannot be listed in this email but know each act is written on my heart.

I have NEVER felt the presence of God in my life like I did at this time. It was like I could feel the prayers surround me and God just wrapped his arms around me. I could hear within my spirit His words telling me that He was with me and He would not forsake me. He told me not to fear and to trust Him. As I was being wheeled back to surgery, I knew without a doubt no matter what happened, God was with me and in control and, seriously, who better to be in control, right???

Back at the beginning I didn’t even think about how I would feel at this five year anniversary. But then and now, it isn’t about me. It is about God and you...those of you who were right there with me, standing in the gap and may still be standing in the gap for someone else at this moment because that is who you are. Five years of being cancer free isn’t what I celebrate today. What I want to celebrate is what a wonderful, awesome God we all have. One that puts “skin” on by using us to give those physical hugs to each other when we need to, whether it is about cancer or about something else. Our God is omnipotent, omnipresent and has plan for each of our lives full of hope and love.

None of us are know what will happen tomorrow (we could get hit by a car) but we are all “surviving” and have the hope and peace that comes only through God.

My prayer is this gives each of your who are fighting and living each day one day at a time, hope and encouragement. I am here for you if you need me for anything and I thank God you and this group have been and are there for me when I need you. Today, be sure to take a minute and give yourself a hug for me!

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Dear Fran,

What a beautiful, heartfelt post! Your friends stepping up to the plate to help you out is a testament to the kind of person you are. Congratulations on your wellness, and I share your feelings about cancer and its blessings! Looking at it from that perspective, rather than with filled with anger and resentment, contributes to healing...in my opinion. Enjoy your day and I hope your little package arrives today.



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Fran, this post brought tears to my eyes. God truly is awesome and it is wonderful when another believer is able to raise praises and thanksgiving to He who is in charge. Congrats on your 5 year mark, and I am so glad you are able to see the MANY blessings you have in your life!

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First, Kay I did receive my healing bag today. Thank you so much!!!! I will treasure it forever. And for anyone else who is reading this, please know that this support group has been invaluable to me. When I first discovered I had cancer, I found this site with such precious people as Kay, Nettie, Jana, Emily, SpongeBob etc etc. This site has helped me with questions, advice, support, and encouragement I couldnt get anywhere else. We all get discouraged and this place is where you can vent and others can come along side and encourage.

As you can tell from my post, my faith has been my strength and if I have been able to encourage anyone through this, then I am so humbled.
Thank you and love and hope to everyone..

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Since diagnosis in December of 04. I remember my daughter, who moved back home so that she could take care of me, saying "So, do you want to help decorating for Christmas ?" I responded in a gruff voice "I'm not celebrating Christmas this year...I'm not in the mood." (My father-in-law had passed, and my beau was with his mom in Holland). To which SHE said "OK, well, I'll do it myself, then, but it WILL be done!" And I felt the presence immediately...and throughout my treatment...

One of my fav poems is 'Footprints'. There were many, many times during my treatments that there were only one set of footprints in the sand.

Hugs, Kathi

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Your words reminded me of one of the nicest things that happened to me after I was diagnosed. I was a graduate student and was diagnosed at the end of October. Two of my professors bought me a silver bracelet engraved with footprints and the words "It was then that I carried you." I have never taken it off since that day. There were many times during chemo that the bracelet brought me the comfort of knowing that I was loved and that there was someone I could lean on. I am now back in school, picking up where I left off. I recently received one of Kay's bags on a day when I was particularly overwhelmed because of the anniversary of my diagnosis and first surgery. It had the same effect-I felt lifted up and took the bag to school with me as a reminder that there are so many blessings in my life!


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Such a beautiful post,so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It does seem odd to think that cancer can be a blessing in some ways, but it's true.And congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark. That's a big one!


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Hi Fran,

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of all the gifts we have received as well.

I couldn't agree with you more!

peace, emily

jeremiah 30:17

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