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Pancreatic cyst worried sick

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I am actually a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor of about 1 year. However, my last scan 6 months ago showed a small 5 mm hypodense lesion in the tail of the pancreas. The report said it was a pancreatic cyst vs a side branch IPMN. The radiologist and my oncologist were not concerned and said this could be reimaged in 12 months. However, since my Hodgkins CT scans are every 6 months, it will be reevaluated at that time. My next scan is next Wednesday. I am sick just thinking of this cyst. I am ironicall not concerned over the Hodgkins. I am a hypochondriac with severe anxiety and don't know if I am making more of this than is necessary. I'm so scared the cyst grew or turned bad. I have not symptoms and feel fine otherwise. I always looked at pancreatic cancer as one with no hope, but after reading your posts, I see there is hope but I am so scared. I hope you are not mad that I am posting this without officially being diagnosed. Do any of you know if cysts can be benign and stay benign. Can they also just go away on their own?

God bless all of you and thank you for listening.
Mary Ann

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Hi Mary Ann,
I cannot really answer your question except to say that I have always heard the word cyst as non-cancerous. I can't say that for a fact. I am writing to encourage you to try your hardest to not worry about this. Why allow your mind to dwell in places where you may not have to ever go? Can you write down some positive statements about your situation and focus on those whenever you are tempted to drift into your anxiety? I also want to assure you that there is hope for pancreatic cancer - especially when it is caught early. It sounds like your doctors are watching you closely. Try to trust them. Are you a spiritual person? I am a Christian and find much peace and comfort in the scriptures and prayer. You are welcome in this forum. I offer my support.

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