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I just need to vent my frustrations right now. I have been out of work since Oct.6th. I ws diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the removal of my right lobe due to a nodule that when biopsied was cancer. On the 21st I had the rest of my thyroid taken out. I still have no voice after the first surgery and I am getting very frustrated that I can not even talk normal. The 24th I went to my ent because I was tin gling from head to toe, I spent the next 32 hours between the E.R. and being admitted in the hospital with low calcium. Now I have to take 2000mg of calcium 4x's a day on top of all my other meds. Right now I am crying because I am so frustrated because this had happened to me. All I want is my life to go back to normal. I worked full time, had just graduated with my associates in education and was supposed to go back to school for my bachelors in Early Chilhood/childhood Education, I just met a guy 2 months before I was diagnosed with cancer. Everything was going in the right direction for me then my life falls apart. Why do things like this have to happen? I feel so out of control. I get tired of sitting around the house, I get tired of getting out of the house to do nothing but walk, I just feel so restless and do not know what to do. My doctor doesn't want me to go back to work until after I go through the radiation iodine therapy because he wants me to be well rested. Now with all these crazy emotions, crying one minute, mad the next, I am at my wits end. Even though family, friends, even my new boyfriend try to help it's hard because they do not understand what this is like. Has anyone else felt this way? I want my life back!!!!!!!!!! does this get any easier to handle?

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I completely understand your feelings. I have them too. I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer in March. The week before my diagnoses, I put an offer down on a house. I am 28 years old and the average age of ATC is 67. Becuase of how rare ATC is, my doctors suggested I go to Sloan in New York City. I lived in NYC for 5 months, lost my job, used my money in savings to help pay bills, I am not eligible for any help from the government, and had to move in with my parents for help. The things you are feeling are normal, but you do have to find the positive in the situtaion. I used this as a stepping stone to getting healthly. I have changed my eating habits and started going to the gym. It also gave me the opportunity to see how many amazing people I have in my life. I am not saying that I never get sad, I just try to see whats good around me and use that to cheer me up. The other thing I suggest is to find a support group in your area. You can call 800-377-0928, they have a list of Head and Neck cancer support groups all over the country, so they should be able to find one in your area. Also, check out ThyCa at www.thyca.org. This is the Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association. They will also be able to help you.

Hope that was some help to you,

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