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Bladder neck constricture scar tissue after EBRT

clinton dean
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Joined: Oct 2008

After 2 years of cancer free, I still have scar tissue caused by EBRT. 8-10 bladder neck surgerys later I;m told the only solution is the artificial sphincter, or removal of my bladder.at first I was reluctant to have the sphincter done, My wife and my doctor convinced me to go this route. SO. On 09/18/2008 I had a stent implant,and the incontinence is unbearable.I use 2 1/2 cases of 52 pads in 5 days. Recently I have decided too have my bladder removed. 10/31/2008 I have a consultation with my doctor to discuss this procedure.The scar tissue was caused from radiation.I had 33 treatments,at six sites around my mid section,because of surgical margin cancer. my diagnosis was 5/03/2005,my radical prostatectomy was done 06/04/2005. during radiation I underwent 4 bladderneck constractures. At the young age of 47 and a gleason score of 7 is why I opted for surgery.
being new to computers and the internet and just figuring it out. so please forgive any mistakes. has any man forgone any or all of these problems. I would appreciate any insight or words of wisdom on this subject. and in your opinion did I choose the right decision???? I have not even discussed e/d yet.thats at 100% nill.

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I had HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) in July 2006 and have been having scar tissue/bladder neck constrictures ever since. I've had four TURPs and am scheduled for another next week. My main problem is my body just loving to grow scar tissue and doesn't know when to stop.

Having to have the bladder removed seems really drastic, how is it going to help?

My doctor in Seattle said I was not a candidate for a stent.

clinton dean
Posts: 4
Joined: Oct 2008

well, its been awhile since I logged in. I had the artificial sphincter so far so good!Its amazing how it works, no more accidents,next is possibly penile implant.it took awhile to get to implant stage,had probably 8-10 bladder neck surgeries before I got too this stage I had 33 treatments of EBERT. that destroyed my bladder beyond repair. therefor removal was suggested. sent too Nashville Vanderbilt to a specialist,who did not agree, hence, artificial sphincter.Its been 5 weeks since activation,would recommend it to anyone.
a stent was the only solution to end bladder neck contracture.its no fun believe me. you have no and i mean no control with it. none at all!it just flows when it wants to.all the aggravation is worth the outcome.good luck to you.GOD BLESS

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Hello Bob,

Not sure where you are at now in your treatment. I have had my bladder removed 5 years ago; subsequent operations included the placement of an artificial sphincter and several, operations to remove bladder neck scar tissue. Last one was November 18th, that lasted three weeks and the scar tissue is now back and I am unable to urinate without catherization, but I still leak urine(my aus, artificial sphincter, does not work very well at all). Purely as an aid I would recommend a certain penile clamp that has helped me over the years when I have those times of incontinence. I do not sell or work for this company. It's the only clamp I found that you can wear with a certain degree of comfort and does not obstruct the blood flow to the penis. It is called a Squeezer Tm. Not sure of the website. This has been a Godsend for me. I hope to have a double cuff AUS in the near future. Have not talked to my doctor about the stent, but it might be a viable option for me. My best to you.

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