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Scheduled for RFA

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Hi All. Been a little while , but we finally met with the doctor to see if rfa for the reoccurance in Bob's liver is an option. We are relieved to find out that it is and he is scheduled to have it done on Nov 20. Results of the last showed a hot 2 cm spot in rt lobe again near the gallbladder , and he feels that it's an ideal size for rfa. The nurse told us that if they see anything else when they do it since it's ct guided, they will most likely go after that too since the last ct/pet was in July. We are still uncertain about what adjuvant chemo will be, but will get through one step at a time before deciding. Hope everyone is doing well and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless

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Hi Diane,

It is good news that the doctor thinks that rfa is a good option. I will keep you both in my prayers. Let us know how it goes. Meanwhile, positive energy and prayers coming your way....


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I'm sending you strong, healthy vibes...PLEASE hug Bob for me, and take one for you, too!

Keep us posted...

Hugs, Kathi

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It sounds like your appointment was very positive. We can all remain very hopeful that you will have this all taken care of on November 20 and never have to deal with this again! I hope you are both doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers---keep the faith!


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I am so glad that Bob will be able to have the rfa. That is a great option over surgery. I heard that it is an outpatient procedure. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Please let us know how it all turns out.

God bless,


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Hi Diane,

I'm glad to hear rfa will be an option for your husband. My question is, did he originally have surgery in his liver, rfa, or just chemo? I've had both chemo and a liver resection this past May. I just like to hear about the various options in the event of a liver recurrence in my own future. I recovered well from the surgery, but I certainly wouldn't look forward to having it done again. Any comments would be appreciated.
Best wishes to your husband (and you, of course!)

God bless,

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I hope you remember me, I haven't posted here in a while or even been over here. I am sorry to hear the news of Bob's recurrance of the cancer in his liver, but happy they can use rfa on it. I am not sure how to private message either, so if you know how message me please. I have been going thru alot. I have been rediagnosed since my surgery in march with what they now think is small cell neuroendcorine cancer. Seeing a new specialist in Chicago and just started my 4th kind of Chemo since my journey began. They are seeing spread of the cancer in my liver and now my omentum, and are running our of chemos since my cancer is so rare, so I am trying to keep the faith that God will get me thru all of thhis. I asked about sirspheres, and hipec but was told no I didn't qualify. I went to a second radiation oncologist and he said yes to the sir spheres, then said not yet its too early, so I am scared, but still hanging in there. I think about you and Bob alot and am happy to read he will be able to get RFA.
Take Care

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Keep us posted and let us know what happens.


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I had a liver RFA. Compared to my liver resection it was a breeze. I didn't have any chemo following my RFA. Keep us posted.


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