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Must Learn To Check Mailbox

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Hehehe... I am sooo bad with going down to the lobby of my apartment building and checking my mailbox. Most everything I need to do, such as paying bills, etc., I do online... if they don't already come out monthly from my chequing account. So there's really nothing off too much importance that I'm going to have to check the mailbox for unless someone tells me they are sending me something.

Well, today, when I took the dog out for her walk, I did remember to bring the mail key and took out the gathered mail. One of the envelopes was from my oncologist's office with my card that tells me of upcoming dates/appts.

Hahahaha... they had sent me the blood test requisition for getting my CEA levels tested. They put on the card for me to have this done on Oct 24th... which meant I could go into the lab at the Cancer Agency, or any Medical Lab of my choice if there's one closer by (which there is). I had just been to my GP in the afternoon ... he's on the 7th floor of this medical building and there's a lab on the 2nd floor. But I didn't check the mailbox until I got home. Oh well, no big deal, I thought. Tonight, I'm filling in my online calendar and about to enter "Get blood work done" on Oct 24... when I realize, TODAY IS OCT 24!!! Duh!!! And I was right there!!!

Well, if I can get my act together, I'll go in tomorrow... they are open until 1pm on Saturdays. Otherwise I am going to have to go to one further away that is open later than 1pm ;)

Duh!! Check your mailbox a little more often, Cheryl!!! :D



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