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just diagnosed please help

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my father just got diagnosed. He had a PSA of 5.46 and after a 12 core biopsy 5 out of the 12 were cancerous. 3 of the cores were 3+4 gleason 7, 1 was 4+3 gleason 7 and 1 was 5+4 gleason 9. Bone scan was negative with just some degenerative stuff. CT showed 2.8 x 2.6 cm mass in right adrenal gland, bilateral nodules I think in idneys. They said some of the kidney stuff was too dense to just be simple cysts. a mass or hypodensity (can't remember size) on left lobe of liver.

Was just trying to get some info as I am the only child (only relative left) and I live kind of far away from my dad and he doesn't really understand all of this.

Any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated so that I know what I am up against, can be informed and know the right questions to ask.


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I have survived 5 years with an original psa of 24 and gleason of 9. I would gladly talk to your father if he would call 765-759-5841. I am a walking miracle as I was given a 50% chance to survive 2 years. I can help him.
Sincerely, Mark

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Thank you for responding so quickly. You are amazing! This is so encouraing. I will definitely pass your number on to my dad. He is such a closed person private since my mom passed away that I just hope and pray he will be receptive. I will defintely post updates.

I have heard some distressing things about the surgery option. Any info on it would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

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I know all of this is very confusing for you. Luckily in most cases prostate cancer is very slow. For good information try to find a copy of the book 'Guide to surviving prostate cancer' by Dr. Patrick Walsh. He is probably the No. 1 prostate doc in the world, is a surgeon and a professor at Johns Hopkins. Book came out in 2001, don't know if it's been updated, but is has much helpful information. Another good book is Man to Man by Michael Korda (American Cancer Society names its support groups that). It came out in 1996 but is still helpful.
The main thing is to get to a good urologist and get whatever treatment is recommended underway.
I waited far too long myself and am terminal, but hanging in there with hormone therapy for now. Ther's a good chance you dad, as doctors love to say, will die with prostate cancer and not from it. And there are so many treatments available now.
Best to you and you dad. Reply anytime.

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Larry59, I am sorry about your situation. I dont mean to offend, but I am a believer. and god had the final say.
My question is how did you wait.I was diagnosed in sept. my appt with the urologist is 12-11-08. I am waiting so long because the doctor is one of the best in the world here in detroit. My PSA was 8.8 and gleason scores ranged for 6 to 8 in the different core areas.You help would be greatly appreciated and again. God bless you and cover you.

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My father is 64 years old he just got diagnosed of Prostrate cancer (PSA is 6.2 and Gleason is 3+3), they are calling it stage 4 because it seems to have spread to spinal column the ends of two of the vertebrae are showing some decay. We found out about the cancer because he was walking unsteadily. He just had a surgery to remove the testicles (hormonal manipulation) to contain the spread of cancer, the doctor said removal of prostrate will not help now. He is now on a six week course of Casodex 50. Please share if you have any thoughts about what course of treatment we should take? Many thanks

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May I suggest posting your question on
A lot of people read the site.

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