Can cancer develop by kidney stones?

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This might be a silly question, but a friend of mine just recently had another case of kidney stones. The last time she had kidney stones, she was able to just pass it. However, this time, it wasn't passing so she actually had to get a stent implanted in here. Then a couple weeks later, was able to get it removed. She was explaining a little bit about kidney stones and she seems to be a perfect candidate for developing more kidney stones in the future, and it just made me wonder...can kidney cancer develop if you're prone to getting kidney stones frequently?


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    if you have had kidney cancer

    if you have had kidney cancer, and gall stones or kidney stones, you need to have your parathyroid checked for tumors, generally not cancerous. They can cause all of these problems. the best place to read about it is the parathyroid center at Tampa general. I had gall stones, and kidney cancer and parathyroid tumor.  

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