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Gallbladder/Liver cancer

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Does anyone know an excellent Oncologist in Placentia, California or close to that area. My daughter in law was diagnosed with Gallbladder Cancer and it may of traveled to her Liver. She needs to seen by an Oncologist.

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I don't know an Oncologist in CA. I went to Duke in Durham NC. I had chemo and radiation there although I live 4 hours away. They have the Caring House where individuals can live during their treatments and family members can stay with them (like a hotel), paying only if able. They provided a shuttle to and from the hospital. I went to Duke because I wanted to go to a cancer center since gallbladder cancer is so rare. In my area, the oncologist had only had 3 cases in 17 years. I know Duke may be too far. However, try to find a cancer center with an oncologist who has had more that a few cases is my recommendation. The local American Cancer Society in my area gives gas cards as well as other services to individuals. Most cancer centers have similar accommodations for individuals that do not live in the area, including extremely discounted rates at local hotels (in Durham--as cheap as $30 per night). I pray your daughter in law does well. I am now 2 1/2 years cancer free!

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