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Smell from radiation...

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I am in my 2nd week of going through radiation and chemo treatments. They both seem to be going okay so far, however at the last part of my radiation treatment, I get a really bad smell and taste in my mouth. It goes away as soon as my treatment is finished but it almost makes me want to vomit while I'm lying on the table. Does anyone else seem to have this problem? I was told to try lemon drops, but I have to wear a mask during treatment and I am afraid of choking. Any help or ideas would be GREAT! Thanks!


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I had the same thing. I would suck on a butterscotch before I went in and that seemed to help. I tried the lemon drops but they made me sick.

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I had a smell of bleach during my radiation treatments. I tried putting an extra spray of perfume on before and eat some candy before and afterwards. that helped me a lot.

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